David long is some weird ugly white trash freak you can meet online- he is skinny ugly trashy looking and has no manners. He acts awkward and weird and treats women strangely. He is obviously an insecure ugly weirdo who cant get a woman so he goes on dates just to bash women for sport and try to put them down b/c hes so insecure and pathetic he has to try to bring women down to his crappy level. He also acts weird and seems to have something like aspergers. Hes socially retarded awkward rude and bizarre. If a date texts for a few minutes he is harassing her then ends the date b/c he thinks thats an insult. hes controlling and asks a woman 100 questions rudely. He also keeps sticking his ugly head at you rudely, and is just a weirdo and psycho Beware of this guy david long in orlando, florida..he is a psychopath or sadist or something. We went on one date he seemed to try to control the date the way he talked/acted. He asked me like 100 questions non-stop. when i tried to eat my first bite of my meal he was trying to stop me from doing it by asking 20 questions. He is just crazy, weird socially awkward and psychopathic. At one point I was texting during the date my friend, and he then began harassing/hounding me asking questions and then said who are you talking to?? but in a controllnig way when i finally told him you ask a lot of questions then he got offended..then he said to the waitress check please in a rude way. Then outside, he tried to REJECT me? for an ego trip as if he had a place to reject me this ugly skinny white trash weirdo/wimp tries to use dates to control abuse and reject women rudely my thoughts are, i wouldnt even want to go on a date with someone as ÷weird ugly and psycho as you .and u mistreat me then ÷reject me for an ego trip? this ugly weirdo uses dates to abuse mistreat and rudely reject women in the most disturbing way its almost sadistic. hes ugly creepy inferior and pathetic steer clear..name is david long I think .hes like 60 years old and is a total weirdo ugly and creepy beware .. women steer clear of this psychopath he is a mentally ill socially awkward ugly creep pathetic weirdo and will treat women strangely during dates and be controlling- if you even question his twisted weird behavior, he will ask for the ÷check suddenly, then later try to ÷reject you outside and try to make women feel as if they did something wrong to him or were rude, when in reality this ugly geek weirdo freak is the one who is weird creepy crazy rude and sick. really manipulate and tries to pin blame where there is none on women who did nothing wrong. He tries to create flaws in people and bring them down. This ugly geek weirdo uses dates to belittle and do this to women. Disgusting pathetic ugly coward inferior worthless reject. He is ugly skinny white trash, strange as heck, and rude to women controlling and pathetic

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