Right at a year ago my wife and I decided to separate for a while. She and I married after I graduated from College. I started my career and within months my wife was pregnant with our first child. Seeing as I made enough money for us to live comfortably I wanted my wife to stay home after the baby was born for at least the first year. She agreed. Her pregnancy was complicated as she was always sick and extremely tired. I was working long hours and wasnÕt able to be home much. After the baby was born I was able to take two weeks off so I could stay home with she and our newborn. She was exhausted. After I returned to work she started getting depressed because she was home all day and all night with our baby. She wanted to go back to work after six months and I agreed seeing as she needed her own identity. I still worked a lot and didnÕt get home until 10p sometimes. We started growing apart. After another 6-9 months we decided to separate for a while. I was consumed with work she was consumed with work a one year old and missed the old days when she could do what she wanted. So I decided to move into an apartment and allowed her and our child to stay in the home. I paid all the bills at the house and my apartment. We had an agreement that during the separation we could see other people. We did. It made us BOTH realize how much we really loved and adored each other. So she asked me to come home. We both admitted to each other the people we dated just so there would never be any questions down the road. Here is where the trouble began. My wife briefly dated a guy by the name of David Walling. She stated that at first he seemed like an alright guy. However it wasnÕt long before she seen some behavior he exhibited and started pulling back from him.; She continued to be cordial but maintained what she thought was a safe distance. She actually knew a few people that he did. She started asking around about him and that is when she learned what kind of person he was. His behavior in the beginning matched what some otherÕs told her. She told him that she and I were getting back together and that she would no longer have contact with him. He did NOT take it well. He constantly called her cell phone her job and rode by our house ALL the time. He would leave notes for her as well. I actually called him back one day and told him that I knew she associated with him while we were separated as he tried to say they were still seeing each other. I know for a fact it was a lie. However we were back together and he needed to chill back. He would for about a week and would start calling e-mailing texting and riding by again. At this point I decided to do some background work myself. This is what I learned. He has a disorder which I do not fault him for. However my wife said he refused to go to the Doctor and get help because he was too cheap to do so. I do fault a person who refuses to be treated. Sidebar: My wife also stated that on the few occasions they went out heÕd act like he left his wallet at home and couldnÕt pay. They rode in her car all the time as his truck was always dirty smelled bad and a window was busted out. She agreed to ride in hers however he offered NO gas money. She stated that he has a child but doesnÕt see him. He stated that his child never reached out to him therefore he stopped paying the whopping $50 a week that he was suppose to pay. I was quite surprised after I started my background work on him. So was my wife. He has been to jail numerous times. CDV A & B 2 A & B 1 destruction of property and multiple drug charges. Mostly marijuana. I also learned from otherÕs that know him that he is abusive to women also. He has been locked up for beating a female. When he called my wifeÕs phone I answered if I was available. If not I called him back. I asked him to stop calling NUMEROUS times. I found out where he worked AND lived at. I try to handle things professionally as I have worked entirely too hard to build a career my family and my home. So I turned to the Police. They called him and of course he didnÕt answer most of the time. The one time he did answer he accused my wife and myself of harassing him. It appears that he exhibits unacceptable behavior then tries to conjure up stories on how he is the victim. Apparently heÕs seen my pic somewhere as I went into the grocery store he works at and he called the Police stating I was in there harassing him. Of course there was no truth to that as the Police did nothing because I said nothing to him. I didnÕt need to though. Just my presence alone sent him into a frenzy. That confirmed to me that he is just a punk ass dude. Well hitting a woman told me this first. Him getting paranoid when I walked into the store certainly confirmed it. My wife changed her phone number and we moved because I was transferring anyway. I say all this to say be very careful with this character. Before you go out with him check out this rap sheet. You can Google SC Court Cases and see for yourself. We ALL make mistakes however it appears he has yet to learn from his.

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