I Met Davlin Laland at BDI distributors aka KIRBY . He was very charismatic and funny. He seemed so nice and genuine. But beware he is a liar and a scammer. I decided to date him and boy was that a huge mistake. HE moved in with me and everything seemed cool. But something in my gut was telling me something was off. I asked him was he cheating and he swore up and down he was faithful. Note to self never ask an compulsive liar any questions because all they gonna do is lie. Fast forward a month he left for new york (which i found out he had two women up there) and i started lurking as women do. Come to find out not only was he cheating he had a baby on the way that was due this month as well. But wait theeeresss more.He also was dating a woman 15 mins away from my town for 4 months he tried to use her to get a building for him. But thats not all he will claim to have full custody of his daughter but she is in foster care. Hes recently been messaging multiple women on dating sites such as plenty of fish and facebook messenger. He is a compulsive liar and a thief and according to the woman he got pregnant he also has herpes. I have not yet verified if this is true but im adding it as an extra precaution in case it is. Hes also know as Dav,Biggs,Fat sauce and armondo. He usually lurks in the Greensboro,Charlotte and high point area. But he also lurks in the Brooklyn,Manhattan,Jamaica queens area when hes in new york. If you see this man or get hit on by him RUN!!!!!!! He is believed to have serious blood gang affiliations and is a dangerous convicted felon

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