Dawn Humphries is a Evil Bitch from Cleveland Ga. She has been seen the man that I live with for 9 years. I told her leave him alone but she would keep on and he did too. She would text me off and on for the first 7 years I told her to get a life and if he wanted her here she would be here. little did I know this Bitch took it personally. She then texting every few months. I thought it was because she was pissed at him. She would be a real smart ass to me. She said Davie loves me not you leave bitch and on and on about it. Then him and I went to the beach it must pissed her off. She was a drunken fool in nov 2014 she got a dui and jan she sent me picture of her and him at ups party at a bar. in feb 2015 she got dui and got fired from ups and she most came to the house text she like my zebra sheets. During this I was working she must been planning every way possible to get him she used men to make him jealous get but thing got worse with Davie and I and he acted hateful I started checking everything out he talking more and more to her did have time for me or his daughter and granddaughter. anyways she made a facebook. posted their pictures and relationship on it I was pissed she wouldnÕt stop it worse and worse long story but she was a drunken bitch family did really like being around her. Aug she took her mom car and wreck it was missing for few day police came here looking for her. I was here very pissed off and she show up near her home and they took her to the hospital for week and then she went jail for about 2 mos davie and get alone. she got out thing went back to hell and she pinning things about me on pinterest and pushing to move out. davie said she living her but who know who lying but im sick of the bitch and I think she had affair with manager at ups to who was married. but she after me big time to prove she get what she wants. And this will probably do this she again if whats something bad enough.

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