She was friends with my fiance while we were going thru some problems. Then she started sending him pictures of her and saying she would call him. So i confronted him and he said he would stop talking to her. I was there when he sent her the messages telling her to leave him alone. Then her sad pathetic self just couldnt leave him alone. So she waited until we were going thru some of our worst trials and pretending to be his friend she started sending him naked pictures of herself and video of her masturbating. She then preyed upon his low self esteem and our problems to get him to keep their relationship a secret. She is a nasty low down type of person. She knew about me and that we were trying to work things out and did this anyways. I lost a baby because of all the stress we were under and because of what my fiance was doing. I didnt find out until a year after their little affair . what a nasty skank. Thank God he didnt actually touch her in real life i cant even imagine what STD he would have gotten from a woman like this. When i confronted her over the phone she says he told her we broke up. But clearly the text messages determined she is a liar.she knew he was hiding their friendship from me. Sad thing is her poor Boyfriend Peter Christian probably doesnt even know what a truly disgusting person she really is. Watch out for this manipulative scum.

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