Deandra Marshall Belton, Tampa, Florida, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Deandra Marshall Belton, Tampa, Florida is as follows: This bitch is a real home wrecker, shes been trying to wreck me and my fiance relationship because shes miserable with two kids and living with her broke ass mom and dad .she uses her kids to fuck up a happy home. She praises Yahweh but does the devil job she 27 with no career she drives a old ass ran down Buick .me and my fiance been together est 2013 and every since she found out about me she does nasty things like expose me and my fiance on social media she a slut with no life she use to prostitute about 8months ago all she want is my fiance money using him minipulating people and she a biggg lier shes also on backpage getting caught with 5 men with wifes or fiance .she is a stalker and a police whore who works with the police snitching on local drug dealers. She works at a hole in a wall strip joint where she came on to my fiance her real name deandra Marshall but using deandra Belton to get by in life. She also licks ass in case some men like things like that be aware and be safe shes an aids patient who wants everyone to suffer by homewrecking homes.she is known for having gonorrhea, chylmidia, and the claps.; This bitch whore slut tricking prostituting ass bitch trying to wreck a home thats beginning to build.I put a police report and restraining order on her I posted some pics that she sunt. She cant make no money because a customer found out about her positive aids test thank god my fiance was smart .she has two little girls and is a bad abusive mother who needs mental help I think she should be arrested isnt that a crime. My fiance told her plenty times he will never be with her.she has a dad name Curtis he dum as hell her mom joann a slut who fucked her best friend boyfriend thats how deandra was born she got a broke ass slut sister name Mara who fucks with her for money.they try to blackmail my fiance to give them money threating him and things because the mom about to get kicked out her house seems to me there home is about to be recked. Her pics looks like she innocent but shes the nastiest bitch in Tampa she stays on beach street in west Tampa but she also say she stay on 40th and lakeshore and the smallest house.

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