This disgusting excuse for a wife and mother started talking to my live-in boyfriend of 13 years last year. I actually found their sexting on his phone my graduation day so most likely they were texting for a while. I didnÕt know who it was yet but couldnÕt leave or kick him out due to financial reasons. So I confronted him and he said heÕd stop and he was sorry you know all the lies they usually tell to get out of something. Well fast forward a year I started looking at my phone bill I just had Òthat feelingÓ. Low and behold the douche bag had a lot of numbers IÕd never seen before. The call lengths were 60 minutes here 90 minutes there. All of this was going on when I was at work and his lazy ass was at home supposedly being a house father. Anyways to make a long story short he was texting 3 different girls 1. His ex-sister in-law asking if it was ok for him to jerk it to her picture. 2. A friend of the family trying to get him a job he said. Yeah via text at 1am! Wonder what kind of job that was lol. 3. Last but not least We have Debbie a hoe bag that pretended to be our friend. Our kids were friends and do Bmx together. Well her and her husband befriended us and we hung out and saw each other regularly. So one day he left his phone out and I took it to work with me and found texts very dirty ones(I added them).Needless to say I was completely devastated. Well of course I kicked him out told her husband and now IÕm trying to put my kids and my life back on track. All I want to say is that Debbie Grajeda is a needy whore who ruined her marriage and did me a huge favor.

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