My fiance and I have been together since 2010. The entire relationship he has had this Òbest friendÓ Renee Sloan that I did not have a good feeling about. They were always talking on the phone texting she was watching his son they had mutual friends she had open communication with his mother and she was always at his apartment. I have confronted her and him a few times and I even demanded that he establish appropriate boundaries. They both adamantly denied they ever had a relationship and when I wanted to leave she encouraged me to stay with him. She was always at his sonÕs party his annual July 4th party his sons graduation she even became a member at the YMCA we have joined. In 2012 he and I moved in together. In 2015 we became engaged and bought a home.; I discovered on December 29 2015 that not only did he take her virginity in 2003 but he has been sleeping with her ever since. Last admitted date was October 2015. he and I planned to marry on February 29 2016. I saw messages where she gloated about having sex with him until our wedding date as well as setting a weight loss goal to loss 20 lbs before the wedding. This woman is the biggest home wrecker my fiance has had several relationships since 2003 and she has always watched him in these relationships. She knew her position which makes it worse. She is pathetic.

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