DeMonica Cattouse Los Angeles, California, a registered cheater in The registry entry for DeMonica Cattouse Los Angeles, California is as follows: DeMonica Cattouse is the younger sister of the best man in our wedding. My husband said she actively pursued him and it Òjust happenedÓ. I found out December 1, 2013 through a text message. My husband went to hang our Christmas lights and I opened his phone and found a text message. I called her from his phone and she answered Òhold on babyÓ. I told her Òthis is his wifeÓ and she hung up. I have tried to contact her many times but she will not answer. I also found out she was 5 months pregnant that day. Needless to say I put a hurting on my husband that night, enough that he slept with one eye open for about 2 weeks. I dont believe nor do I condone physical violence in a relationship but that day he had it coming.; My husband and I had been trying to conceive for over a year seriously. We found out some information concerning him because we sought out professional help from an infertility doctor. Because of this information, I decided to stay until the baby is born. She is refusing a DNA test. My husband and I have had three unsuccessful attempts at artificial insemination and both the infertility doctor and the specialist my husband was sent to said the only way we can conceive is through IVF. I question the paternity.; We are in marriage counseling but now my husband wants this to be his baby because Òhe can make babies, he just cant get me pregnantÓ. This woman, well this 23 year old, is in love with my husband even though she knows he is never going to leave his wife. My husband feels nothing bad is going to happen once she has this baby because Òshe knew the deal. Im marriedÓ.; She tells people who dont know the situation that this is her boyfriend. We have mutual people in common.; Demonica Cattouse was due April 21, 2014. The baby is still not here.; I give her 6 months, but my friends give her less than 2, to completely lose it. Once she realizes she is a single mother, because that is what she will be, she will go crazy.; I thought about divorcing my husband but why? Why should I turn my husband over to a lying, cheating, manipulating woman. Dont get me wrong, my husband is to blame too.; I questioned myself in the beginning. I didnt know what I did wrong to make my husband go to another woman. I gave her my husbands cell number! Marriage counseling has opened up a lot. I discovered he has serious daddy issues and described the relationship as just sexual and had nothing to do with me or our marriage.; Am I doing the right thing by staying married? I dont know. Im taking it one day at a time but KARMA is a bitch and that bitch is about to unload in the next 6 months.; DeMonica Cattouse is a woman that doesnt care about her own self worth. She is having a baby for a married man that she knows will never leave his wife but she loves him. SMH. She doesnt realize that my husband will be my husband for as long as I allow him to be my husband. He is begging every day and night to stay married and for me to forgive him. I have forgiven him for the affair but this child is something else.; I have protected myself legally. I might not be ready to divorce my husband yet but Im not a stupid woman! The house is in my name and all accounts except for the cars, those are in both of our names. DeMonica Cattouse will never get a dime from me because I know her next move will be to apply for child support when she realizes she is and will always be a BM (babys momma) and never a WIFE.; I bet she will want to talk to me then.; Ladies, dont trust women like DeMonica Cattouse.

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