This man is a serial cheater and true narcissist. HeÕs cheated on all 3 of his wives and has abandoned all his children to some degree. His only concern is himself and his needs. He acts selfishly and when heÕs done wrong blames everyone else and never accepts responsibility. His current wife who is wife number three never knew of his cheating past until 5 1/2 years into their marriage when he cheated the first time. She gave him a second chance and here they are again 5 years later and heÕs on his second affair that she knows of. IÕm sure thereÕs been plenty more. She immediately filed for divorce and as soon as the papers were filed he moved in with the OW Sheryl Messer and her family. Sheryl sees nothing wrong with her actions since they were only emotionally involved at first but gave him a place to live as soon as wife said IÕm done. Sheryl fell prey to Dereks lies distortion & manipulation which he is very good at. When Derek is ÒunhappyÓ he fails to tell those heÕs involved with and instead seeks out a person who he thinks can make him happy and latches on. He is the greatest liar of all liars. The sad part is that his current wife is a really great person who always saw the best of him and is completely devastated and heart broken. She loved him and accepted him despite his past mistakes. He has totally abandoned and ripped his family apart after 13 years and refuses to contact or see his kids whom he was such a good dad to. He told the OW his wife was crazy and mean and that he was unhappy so sheÕd feel sorry for him then went home to play the happy loving spouse and father. I feel so sorry for his current wife because she was blindsided by this whole ordeal and never saw it coming. She never knew he was unhappy because Derek failed to show it or say it and by no means is she crazy or mean. The fact is he wanted to have an affair and didnÕt think heÕd get caught but when he did and wife filed for divorce he didnÕt have any other option than to run to the arms of Sheryl. I donÕt understand what makes this man so great that people constantly believe him bail him out and excuse his horrible actions. People like this cannot be allowed to keep hurting good people for their own pleasures.

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