Hi ladies Please meet this homewrecking whore Diana. Diana cheated on her husband with whom she has two small children. She moved on to become a ÒlesbianÓ for a quick minute before meeting and fixating on my fiance of 6 years. But even he wasnÕt enough..she moved onto another womanÕs fiance (and that poor woman was pregnant with their 3rd child). All of this happened while she was still in her lesbian relationship. Why? Because it suited her financial needs at the time. Diana loves nothing and no one other than herself. She has set up shop with this last guy but IÕm sure already has her sights set on someone else as shes sleeping with him. Homewrecking is her job when she isnÕt trying to be a piss poor lawyer and candle maker. And she is rather unapologetic about it too..(when I found out about my fiance she simply said I should get over it.) Ladies watch your back. This nasty looking homewrecking attention seeking twit truly does get off on stealing men. How she does it I will never know. Lord knows they are not upgrading.

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