This home wrecker met my husband on an online dating site. HeÕs a scumbag himself for being on a dating site while married also. His phone was going off in the middle of the night so I checked it and she had messaged him. I responded to her and told her he was married to me and between the 2 of us we had 8 kids (I have 3 and he has 5). She seemed like she was going to back off so I didnÕt think anything of it. He deleted the dating site account. I ended up leaving my husband in December. He begged me a few days later to come back. I told him we needed counseling. He strung me along for a couple months before went to counseling. He then refused to keep going to counseling. All this time even though we were living separately we continued to be a couple in all aspects. I just found out yesterday that this home wrecker had been having an affair since August with my husband after she was informed he was married. I understand now why he didnÕt go to counseling. Our marriage may have had a chance if she didnÕt pursue my husband. I pray that heÕs as awful to her as he was to me because she deserves it for screwing my husband. I know I will be so much better off without this scumbag loser and his desperate home wrecker. ItÕs only a matter of time before he cheats on her tooÉ.look at her!

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