Michael Kuwonu (aka Dodji) is a serial, chronic cheater. I had an affair with him for almost TWO YEARS!!! Hopefully, typing all of this will be the****utic for me. When I met him, he did NOT tell me that: 1. Michael Kuwonu was married 2. Michael Kuwonu had a pregnant wife I truly did care about Michael Kuwonu and he said he felt the same. I missed the hell out of him right now. Michael Kuwonu was a really good friend and lover to me. Michael Kuwonu broke my heart! Michael Kuwonu is a true con artist. Michael Kuwonu is extremely charming and he preys on weak women. The only reason Michael Kuwonu got married is because his wife (Ariel Kuwonu) is a nurse and willing to take care of him. Michael Kuwonu was never attracted to her. What she didnt know is that he has cheated with NUMEROUS women during their entire marriage.She was dumb to think I was the first and only one. Michael Kuwonu was a deacon in his church, he scams good church folks. Not only that, his Pastor knew about the affair way before it got discovered. So, hes a crook to!!! THE DISCOVERY: He texted me and when I texted back, I asked if he wanted some booty. Well ..The wife saw the text and confronted me on facebook. I told her the ENTIRE TRUTH about the affair!!! She was so intimidated by me that she blocked me. Heres the kicker: His idiot wife not only took him back, BUT now he has a NEW mistress!!! DODJI KUWONU has been exposed I thank GOD I dodged a bullet!!! Now I get to walk away and Ariel is the one stuck with that cheating ****bag.

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