Dolores Montgomery Halbin, Adrian, Missouri, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Dolores Montgomery Halbin, Adrian, Missouri is as follows: This cheating lying slut has been screwing my husband for years right underneath my nose. She pretends to be sweet & caring. Even went as far as saying she would take care of him because he was sick & shes a nurse. I was at work & she was caring for him alright. Then I find out her husband was dying, and while he was dying she was sneaking over to my house screwing my husband. She has a nasty ass disgusting old lady body. But gets great pleasure out of taking what isnt hers. Shes very evil, has a dark side. The hair stands up at the back of your neck, shes so evil. I believe she is possessed by the devil. She can manipulate and control anything that gets in her path. Shes insane. A real nut. This skank sluttish meth whore stinks like a garbage dump, never bathes, and never brushes her yellow teeth. Since her husband died, shes even spread her legs further to anything that walks. even farm animals. her scaly crepy old lady skin hangs off of her like a big waves of very lose flab. Her enjoyment is to get people high then manipulate them into having sex with her. She does this in front of her grandchildren. Dont believe anything that comes out of her lying mouth. shes a compulsive liar. Loves drama. causes drama. a troll. controlling. Nasty. pychopath. that hurts & destroys everyone & anything that has ever crossed her path. the bible speaks about the wolf in sheep clothing that is so destructive to all human beings. That is her! Shes miserable big cunt that tries to make everyone as miserable as her.her hole is very big and flabby from what all the men say. Dont get caught in her evil clutch. Shes a monster. She slithers around on this earth like a snake causing evil pain & hurt. I had to re-submit this because the last name is wrong!

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