Michael Weiss is a violent sociopath who has harmed all the women hes dated. He has injured himself and sent girlfriends to jail when they tried to leave him. Michael Weiss is vindictive and is intent on destroying his exs life by refusing to support their child, harming the child physically, and depriving her of any time to enjoy or care for their child. Michael Weiss is paranoid, dangerous and a thief. Michael Weiss has raped several women and is proud of his ability to fool his patients. He has no professional ethics and enjoys swindling patients Michael Weiss is a psychiatrist and has no understanding of other minds. Michael Weiss suffers from Aspergers, but the problem isnt the illness, its his malice. Contact Information Dr. Michael Weiss, MD 315 West 57th Street #12H New York City, NY 10019 P: 212.262.4466 http://www.michaelweissnewyork.com/

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