This whore has been a mistress for nearly 12 years, she constantly goes and comes from mine and my husbands lives, she has a child with my husband and another by another baby daddy. Shes tried to break up my marriage for 12 years and also tired to break up baby daddy #2 relationship. She has no home, runs from friends house to friends house, and she hides my husbands daughter from him just so she can drop her off at the uncles or grandmother’s house while she goes out to party nearly every day of the week. No man wants her nor ever stays with her, she’s a pathetic loser who will do anything for attention, she has no respect for herself, nor a MARRIAGE , nor her daughters. She has no moral status, values and is just nasty. She sends naked pictures of herself in the shower to me husband, KNOWING HE AND I ARE TOGETHER, LIVING TOGETHER AND CARRYING ON OUR MARRIAGE TOGETHER WITH OUR CHILDREN. PLEASE EXPOSE THIS HOE FOR THE DIRTY, pathetic BITCH SHE IS!

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