These guys need to learn to keep other people out of their relationship. I have my sister in bloody tears because we found out she was made out to be the other woman in this f*cked up marriage. Now my sister needs to learn to look people up before hooking up but the naive little twit she is assumed Ôif he says single then heÕs singleÕ. Long story short Jose is in some ok sounding band they meet sister is told heÕs single they screw around a bit. Sister finds out sheÕs pregnant but miscarries. HasnÕt seen this guy in a while so I go look him up for her. Guess what? HeÕs not single! HeÕs actually just gotten married to a girl he knocked up after dating for 3 months! DonÕt even think theyÕve hit their 1 year anniversary yet. Great guy right? Funniest thing is I know his wife. I was friends with her last ex and apparently she screws around on all the guys she gets with too. I have no idea if they have some open relationship thing going on but at least warn the people you want to screw with. Not everyone wants to be the 3rd wheel in your relationship!

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