This nasty Ukrainian c*nt sat there and knew damn well that her boyfriend of less than a yearsÕ wife wanted to reconcile with her husband after a difficult break up but NOOO this bitch wanted to dig her claws into her first promise of US CITIZENSHIP and being taken care of. ItÕs just sad that she has absolutely nothing to offer except her nasty ass VAGINA! She didnÕt spend almost a decade with this man suffering through emotional and sometimes physical abuse. She wasnÕt hugging a pillow while in labor with HIS SON while he just sat there and mocked her that ÒitÕs not that badÓ and that sheÕs overracting! His poor wife didnÕt even have an epideral of course it was painful as hell! So thru it all they were always a strong couple and then when his wife left and tried to move on she couldnÕt and wanted to reconcile. But by then this tramp already snatched him up and refuses to leave! The husbands and wifeÕs kids hate this chicks guts and claims to be a stay at home mom while the kids are in daycare! The REAL stay at home is LANA. NOT YOU HOE! so take a hint and be gone! Valeriy and Lana were high school sweethearts and are soulmates. They have 2 beautiful children together and could have more if only this bitch didnÕt exist to cloud his mindÉ what a damn shameÉ

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