Elizabeth Amado Tucson, Arizona, a registered cheater in cheatersregistry.com. The registry entry for Elizabeth Amado Tucson, Arizona is as follows: This is coming from one if the childrens point of view. I was about 7 or 8 years old when my parents got divorced thanks to this excuse of a woman! I was too young then to understand but now that Im old enough (Im 20 now) and both parents gave me their stories I was able to see who was in the wrong. Yes my dad is also very much to blame, but what this evil whore did was much worse. This woman was my moms cousin from Mexico, my mom was trying to help her get on her feet when she arrived to the United States, so my mom welcomed her into our home. My mom said she was very naive at the time and didnt think anything would ever happen by letting anther women into our home; after all, men are ÒfaithfulÓ to their wives right? Well sometimes!; Apparently my moms cousin was obsessed with my dad! And still is to this day! My dad told me a story of when my mom would be making dinner in the kitchen they would be in the living room and she would FLASH him and try to seduce him. He told her to stop doing that kind of stuff because he was truly in love with my mom. My dad said this was an everyday thing with her she did not stop! My mom recently told my dad why he didnt just go to my mom and let her know what was going on? He said he was afraid my mom would assume something was already happening between them. She was very envious of everything my mom had. We werent rich or anything but we had a nice family and house, cars and both parents had good jobs; we were in my eyes the perfect family. I had this doll that I carried with me everywhere, she was all dirty but she was my baby doll, and one day it went missing, apparently this bitch stole my doll and gave it away in Mexico just to make me suffer. Thats another thing she envied, the relationship I have with my dad. My mom said sometimes this crazy ass bitch would go in the middle of the night and listen at my parents bedroom door to make sure they werent having sex? WTF!!? My mom knows this because my dad told her that every morning when ever my parents did have sex she would go to my dad all mad and ask him why he had sex with my mom. The NERVE of this bitch! Apparently she finally got my dad in a bad time, he had a little too much to drink and she took advantage of the situation. It gets worse though. From that one night stand this horrible evil devil gets PREGNANT! So yes I have a sister that for years I believed was just my cousin. When my mom found out she went crazy! I remember her hitting my dad and kicking him out of the house and I remember sitting at the edge of my bed praying the fighting would stop and that everything would be ok.; I was and still am a huge daddys girl so it hit me hard the most when my dad wasnt around. And for the first year of their separation I hardly ever saw my dad. I dont really remember this, but my grandma said that one time she walked in my room and I was sitting on the floor balling my eyes out listening to my dads CDs! I guess that was the only way I could have him close to me. It took a while for my parents to begin talking again. In fact they even tried to get back together, but it was far too late. After the divorce was final my dad starting drinking a lot partying every night with friends. And youll never guess who comes to one of those events!!?! The devil named ELY! She yet again took advantage and slept with my dad a second time! My dad said he woke up in the morning and had no idea what had happened he said the night was a complete blurr .So apparently my mom didnt know about that second night, but something inside her just didnt want to take him back; womens instinct I guess and they never got back together.; Its not until I was in high school that I found out from that second night I have yet another sister. Even though my mom was done and divorced, when she found out I could tell it still really hurt her. My dad was her high school sweetheart, the man she believed she would spend the rest of her life with! Even when my mom and her cousin would talk face to face and she supposedly ÒapologizedÓ for everything my mom felt she wasnt sincere and every time she would see her at family events she would have a smirk in her face as if laughing at my mom like if she won! My dad even told me she would call him every day when my parents got divorced and would say exactly this Ònow that youre divorced we can finally be together and be happyÓ HAHA shes f**king insane! My dad was like you must be f**king crazy I HATE you, you ruined my life!; She even tried to ruin two other family members lives, I remember we were at a birthday party and my aunt literally caught her trying to kiss her husband in the hallway! She got furious and slapped her and tried kicking her ass before people separated them and took her away. The next family member was a cousin and she would text her husband erotic messages and stuff to try and get him into bed. Luckily my aunt was also able to catch her and stopped it right away! Thats why like half of our family doesnt even speak to her anymore.; Even to this day she still obsessed with my dad and she used to call him all the time until he finally got his number changed, but this bitch must have powers because shes always finding ways to get his number again. She would even have her daughters call him to tell him rude things over the phone. I strongly believe in karma and I feel she really hasnt gotten what she deserves for ruining a perfectly good family. I see that she has a new man and her own family right now and then I look at my mom who has been in and out of relationships cant really find the right guy and has had to be a single mom to three kids for so many years! Thats why when I heard of this site I decided to put her on blast! Hopefully someone close to her will see it and protect their family and guard their men from this Evil devil sex addict!

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