For a couple of years this island smut worked her way into the life of my sons father. Though he had cheated before he had never let anyone tear our family apart. He started a full relationship behind my back where he would go to see here at her job at the dental oral surgery on third ave when he did our laundry and they worked out together at the MCF musuko championship factory on Cortland ave where he was training to fight and where our son was also taking karate. They were creating memories and plotting for a couple months years even. I was forced to leave where we lived together and end an almost 10 year relationship Dec of 2015 with a person I thought loved me and that was my family. I was made to look like a big fool and was put in a place where I havenÕt been able to find work have to travel an hour on bus and train to take our 4 year old to school on the other side of the Bronx and where my family is covering all costs because I was thrown into this nightmare so suddenly. I had to put my dog into a boarding facility because he was abusing her to hurt me as well. My sons father Devon Estrada has decided he wants to keep it this way and not even so much as apologize for taking our family away from me and my son. He even took this girl to his cousins wedding in January and stood at the hotel we were suppose to stay at 3 weeks after I left him. He tells me he will never tell me why he did what he did to me and I have to live with that.; Though this is still a fresh wound I do know that I have to move on and heÕs filth but I havenÕt had a chance to heal due to us sharing a small child. Our son doesnÕt finish school until the end of June and then I am hoping to move out of state and start a better less hurtful life. Until then I have to be tortured for the next couple months with seeing him and having to smile and play nice. Elizabeth Cabrera is a fool and a whore and deserves Devon Estrada very muchÉ They are a match made in disgustiness. At some point IÕm sure I will be thanking her for taking him off of my hands and saving me and my son from the having to see and deal with him every day with his continuous hurtful behavior. I now realize he never loved me and is a selfish childish lying dishonorable piece of garbage. I will be okay.

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