Elizabeth Taylor is a 38 year old nurse living in Sacramento California. She met my (now ex-husband) 3 years ago at a Superbowl Party put on by her sister. Her sister by the way pulled her now boyfriend away from a 23 year marriage. My husband new the sleaze bag boyfriend from high school and these two are the ones that set up my husband and Elizabeth. Their names are Deanna Taylor and Chris Weigandt. My husband was working out of town at the time and going to motels on the side of the fwy to have sex with her. All the while my daughter and I were sitting at home thinking everything was fine. On my daughters 18 birthday an hour before her party he informed me he wanted a divorce. The moral of this story is NEVER think your husband is to good of a guy to be a sleaze. And nurses arenÕt always the caring people they pretend to be. Sometimes their Moral Compass is completely broken! P.S. My daughter hasnÕt seen her Dad in 3 years now. I guess having a whore is more important than having a kid.

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