This is the story of this low life insect. She is herself married for more thAn 6 years. She cAme from India to California for her work while her husband was still in India. My husband and she were teammates. This insect was looking for maybe a weakling and my husband of two years was a spineless fool to fall in her trap. They both had numerous Òlate night meetingsÓ and Òweekend office tripsÓ. This woman was so shameless that she even let herself in my family and ÒpretendedÓ to be my friend. She used to say that she is alone and lonely having a broken marriage. I sympathized her and foolish me included her in our weekend parties and short trips. This girl later tried a lot to get in my head and manipulate me to convinced me to apply for schools and stay away from my husband. She even had the audacity to say I should do one night stands as they are ÒfunÓ. I played along with her just to keep her company as i belived her when she lied about her abusive husband and failing marraige. 3 months after this she suddenly comes to my place one day un announced. Coincidentally that day i find few messages of her in my husbandÕs phone. I confronted them both. They both admitted about their dirty affair and start getting on my mind by constantly repeating that they both have an affair. My husband leaves my place with her and comes back later after a week saying he was wrong. Meanwhile when I contacted this home wreckerÕs husband he said he had no idea and that failed marraige thing was a complete lie. He was completely shattered by his wifeÕs deeds. To add fuel to it this home wreckerÕs brother too emotionally abuses me and says i stay forcefully with my husband. This home wrecked manipulated both me and my husband and I pray she gets the lowest of the low hell!!Õ

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