Emily McClain Alabama, a registered cheater in cheatersregistry.com. The registry entry for Emily McClain Alabama is as follows: My husband and I had difficulties getting pregnant with our 2nd child. After fertility treatments and acupuncture and diet changes nothing happened. We were transferring our first child to a different school and I was stressed out enough so I said we werent going to ÒtryÓ for that month and BOOM, we got pregnant. The whole time I was pregnant my husband thought it was someone elses. Ive never cheated on him and will never cheat. He thought since it took us so long and it finally happened that it was someone elses.; Well he found his childhood friend on Facebook (the devil itself). At first it was just ÒtalkingÓ although she apparently did come to our house. The relationship didnt turn physical till Jan 2013. My husband went over there while she took her lunch break and left school. I was at work. (My husband has 7 on, 7 off). Thats when they first had sex and continued to have it till the end of May. I found out in July. I tried calling several times and she wouldnt answer. I finally sent a text and she basically had no regret and told me to basically f-off. She is a single mom with a little girl and in my text I asked what if this were her little girl (in the future) and how would she feel? She said she was done talking to me.; My husband and I are still together. I will fight for my family and he has been extremely remorseful! As he should be! We started going to church and I have to trust God w/this. Am I still crazy in the head from it, heck yes and prob always will be, but I love my husband. I hope this helps and maybe this post will stop something from happening for someone else.

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