My Husband Met this Lousy excuse for a woman at the Cuero wellness Center in Cuero texas in 2014 . She was about 19 at the time I believe and was looking for someone to teach her about weight lifting . One day she struck up a conversation with my husband and I about lifting and asked if she could join us to work out . Being new to the area we agreed and thought it would be nice to meet some new people . She told us she had a fiancŽ named Dylan and they had been together since middle school it was a very sweet story or so we thought . Around about 6 weeks after she started lifting with us she began coming over to our place and hanging out and going out to dinner with us . Everything seemed great until I saw her arguing with my husband one day as I was returning to the table after going to the restroom . I asked what was going on and they both just laughed it off as a sports argument and we finished our meal and we all went our separate ways . Something in my gut toild me things were not right and I decided to do some further digging to see what I could find . I began following my husband and GPS tracking his cell phone without his knowledge and much to my dismay I finally caught him meeting up with her Near a fishing spot she had taken us to once . So I went home and waited for him to come home and while he was in the shower I searched his work truck and found out that he had multiple burner phones that he used to communicate with her and I went into his facebook and found a lot of nude photos and photos the 2 of them had taken with our 4 little girls captioned Òwont we make a cute family Ó I was disgusted . I compiled all my evidence and confronted them both at which time she told me she was pregnant and that my husband now had other obligations . She also told me that I needed to be a lady and walk away with dignity and respect . I lost my cool and tried to go after her but my husband stopped me from getting to her and she ran . I threw my husband out and several weeks later he called begging to come home he told me that she had lost their child and that he had made a huge mistake . By this time I had already taken my children and moved to Oklahoma with my parents and I told him to stay with his whore . From What I understand she is back with her boyfriend and my ex-husband is now living all alone . According to an oilfield forum for that area she has attempted to wreck many more home than mine and is still up to her old tricks . Its very sad that a 21 year old girl could be so sick to habitually wreck homes .

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