Erin Jade Myers is a washed up former hair stylist from 9 West Studios and now a current Berkeley County School Bus Driver and a Bus Driver for River Riders where she aggressively went after my husband of 16 years!

(Even though she had a boyfriend who worked at the same job!!) She would follow my husband around, making comments about how ***** y and handsome he looked. She texted him upwards of 100-150 times per day, and during the week when he was at his full time job. (he worked at River Riders as a part time job on the weekends.) She would even send him nude pictures, which I threatened to put along the highway for everyone to see, including her father who was a former candidate for Sheriff. I realize it takes two to tango, as she certainly entangled her little vixen claws into him because no one expected this faithful husband of 16 years to cheat, me least of all. Which in part is why I am making this post, if she can convince this father and husband to cheat, you need WARNED!! STAY THE ***** AWAY FROM HER!! They would meet after work at River Riders in the parking lot for ***** . They would also meet on Wednesdays at Sam Michael Park and have ***** in our vehicle. My husband would get home later and later keeping him from me and five year old son who waited up for him, while he was out sleeping with this HomeWrecker bus school bus driver! I even went to dinner with the co-workers and she sat across from me with her boyfriend. She later told my husband she didn’t like me because she did not like the way I spoke to my husband when he disrespected the wait staff. Well, in hindsight, she wouldn’t like me… would she… I was the wife. I was the Object in her way!! Anyway, I became suspicious when the nights became longer and other factors came into play. I searched cell phone records. BOOM. Found her number and a GAZILLION texts! Then SCANNED the husbands phone! Got the pictures and messages. Confronted Him. He felt, unappreciated. Ha. Dealt with him for 4 days before I reached out to her. Then I reached out to her. I spoke to her. She fed me some half ***** lies. I then got some more truth from the husband. Called her back and confronted her again. She told me what she thought I wanted to hear and she felt that she had served her punishment for her crime. REALLY????? YOU THINK BY TELLING ME YOU SLEPT WITH MY HUSBAND, BTW, I’M THE ONE WHO CONFRONTED YOU WITH THAT AND TOLD YOUR BOYFRIEND ABOUT IT, YOU’VE BEEN PUNISHED ENOUGH???? Where do I live? Bizzarro world?? No. Sorry, Hunny. It does not work like that. Sorry. You are a homewrecker! DID I MENTION SHE IS 27 YEARS OLD AND MY HUSBAND IS 45!?? SHE IS THE SAME AGE AS OUR SON!! SHE KNEW MY HUSBAND WAS MARRIED WHEN SHE PURSUED HIM. SHE KNEW HE WAS ABOUT TO BE A GRANDFATHER AND ALL SHE WAS WORRIED ABOUT WAS BEING HIS “GIRL.” I mean, who’s to say she won’t go after your highschool sons if she can not hold back from a married man. This HOMEWRECKER HAS NO RESERVE. THIS WOMAN HAS NO MORALS AND IS OF POOR CHARACTER. SHE CERTAINLY SHOULDN’T BE WORKING FOR THE BERKELEY COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM.


Martinsburg, West Virginia

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