This man cheated on his wife wife with a 23 year old girl at their place of employment. He was screwing her in the bathroom and in residents rooms. They had no contact outside of work until she got knocked up. She then purchased him a go phone and paid for the minutes on it to be able to stay in contact with him. This man found out that she was pregnant in May but didn’t tell his wife until July because he had no intention of ever leaving his wife. His wife tried to forgive him and let him stay because he was very remorseful and wanted to save his marriage. On December 26th she told him to get out because she could no longer deal with everything he had done! He is a loser!! Her family paid for the vehicle he drives, paid to get his record expunged, and several other things the four years they were married! Stay away from him, he is a player, and brings nothing but pain to people!

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