I am exposing this woman Flavia Alvarez because she had an affair with my husband about 4 months ago. She is an ex from 20 years ago but they found each other on Facebook.

At the time my husband and I were having some disconnection and used that as an escape or excuse and the woman knowing he was married kept contacting him. At that point she even started recording all conversations that she had with him, so one day she could send them to me. When I found out I was mad at my husband not at her because he allowed this, but we talk and he convinced me to give him a second chance. At that time he finished everything with that woman, but to this day she keeps bothering us. This woman’s character is questionable. She kept stocking me. She sent me all recorded messages with him to see if that would convince me to leave him. She was asking for money for her car to leave us alone, she tried hacking some of my accounts. Even my husband asked her not to bother us anymore she did not get it. She did a couple pages on Facebook saying that my husband and I had aids and we were spreading around which is not true, thankfully we are healthy. She tried contacting my clients because I have a hair salon to tell them I had aids. She keeps saying she is going get me and I saw her driving by my salon. This crazy woman in her personal life is a horrible mother. I know it is my husband’s fault for letting her in our lives but he was very clear with her. She is gold digger. My stupid husband was giving her money just about every day to the point where he was not paying our bills… she kept using the card of “her children” and that she had no food so he would feel bad and she would tell him that she would kill herself or tell me what was happening and so he would give her money. She tried to hurt me buy calling me ugly and fat when she is bigger then me… she is evil witch.. Home Wrecker.


Modesto, California

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