This girl is engaged and has ads on backpage and a whole lot of other hook up websites to meet people. She doesnÕt care if they are married or have kids. She used to be a stripper in the Louisville area and then she became a prostitute and thatÕs how she met her fiancŽ. He joins her sometimes and hooks her out at the Georgetown Pizza Hut. The rumor is she is HIV positive but she doesnÕt tell anyone she hooks up with whether they use protection or not. She just got off probation for beating up her own mother. Her fiancŽ is not allowed contact with any of his 3 children because Gabbie abused his youngest and the little girl almost died after being in a car wreck where both Gabbie and her fiancŽ were doing drugs while driving with the 4 yr old little girl sitting in the backseat with no seatbelt on. This is after Gabbie gave the little girl scabies that she caught from a ÒclientÓ. This girl serves people food at the restaurant she works at. Disgusting. Her fiancŽ has to get dentures because when Gabbie worked as a hooker they spent all of their money on drugs (a lot of meth) and now his teeth break off when he tries to eat. They left the Louisville area because they were evicted from their home for not paying their bills and then stole hundreds of dollars worth of drugs from a drug dealer and were afraid he would come after them.

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