Commentary about Ghaith Mohammed Battikhi, Amman, Amman, Jordan posted to From : bigguy79 posted on 2016-04-22 GHAITH MOHAMMED BATTIKHI is a cheater from amman jordan, this ugly bald asshole dick is only good at fucking and being a failure, he is cheating on his current wife hiba, he cheated on her years ago when they were still dating and is cheating now.. he spent many years in canada, telling people he was studying, but wasting the money of his parents and spent it on strip clubs,whores and alcohol,, ask any of the guys who know him,in his gym, in his school n uni they will confirm.. He spent at least 10 years to get a degree because he failed so much and then back to jordan to study like a loser.. Finally he got a job in Riyadh where he was also busy chasing pussy as his wife and children stayed in jordan.. all his life he tried to be a body builder but all his muscles are results of injections, he goes to the gym to have sex with the boys in the shower, he really loves hairy hotdogs. Best part is now he pretends to pray and be a good muslim, it is so funny, also his wife hiba who used to enjoy anal sex a lot in her youth now wears the scarf on her head, every body knows these stories about them because ghaith told all the guys always,, he was so proud of his achievements of fucking ugly girls, and really has nothing else to show off with. He has very ugly children too, no manners, they look and sound like shit, noisy, and vulgar,, no surprise of course. hairy ass Ghaith now rides a cheap motor cycle around amman and thinks he is a bad boy, lol, he has two shit ugly brothers, yazid n yazan, and one fat sister, yasmin. If u want to hire a guy who will suck your dick for free then Ghaith is your man, and if you are looking for a smelly, useless cheater full of sexual diseases then he is your man too. poor little shit might think i am doing this because i am jealous of him, but really i only want to expose him… lol, jealous of what?? his ugly family, his small dick? shit reputation or his lack of money, living like a parasite on his parents and family of his wife? piece of shit….. ô௡¯¤ ¯¤ôãôÉô ô_ôöôÄ ¯¤ôãôãô_ ¯¤¯_ôÉôà ¯¼ô_¯Ç ôɯ_ôÉôÔ¯ø ¯¤ô㯬¯áô_¯¨ô_ ôàôö ¯øô_ôÔôö¯Ç ôÉô  ô ôö¯_ ¯¨¯¤¯µ. ¯¤ôɯ¦ôä ô௡¯¤ ¯¤ô㯫¯±ôÉôö¯á ¯¤ôãô⯡¯± ¯«¯¬¯¤¯¬ôà ôô_ ô ô_ôÄ ¯¤ô㯬ô ¯¤¯» ¯¤ô㯣¯±¯øô ô_ôÔ¯¤¯» ¯_ôãôä ôɯ±¯£ôä ôöôɯ_ôɯ_ ôÉô  ¯£ôàôãôà ¯¤ô㯫¯±¯¤¯«ô_¯_ ôö¯£ôÉôÔôà ¯¤ô㯬ô⯱¯© ¯_ô_ô  ¯¤ôãôɯ_¯±ôöô¯© ¯_ô ¯ø ¯¤ôã¯ÂôÉô_¯_ ¯¬¯¤ô㯼ôöô㯩. ôį¤ô  ôÉôôÄôÔ¯± ¯_¯¤ôãôà ¯¬¯±¯¤¯ø ¯¬ô_¯» ôöôàôö ¯µ¯¼ô_¯± ôöôÄôã ¯¤ô㯬ô ¯¤¯» ôį¤ô ôö¯¤ ¯_¯£¯_¯¤¯_ ¯¬ô_ôÉôö¯»ôö¯¤ ôô_ôà ôɯ_ ¯¤ô ôÔôà ¯áô_¯_ôà ôÄôãô௤ ¯«¯_¯± ôö¯´ô_¯±ôà ôÄôãôà ¯£ôɯ±¯¤¯¦ ôÉô  ô ô_ôÄ ¯¤ô㯬ô ¯¤¯» ôö¯¤ô㯫¯¬¯¤¯¬. ¯¤ô_¯¤ôÉ ¯¤ôãôɯø¯±¯_¯© ôį¤ô  ô_¯øô¯_ ôãôãôöô㯤¯ø ¯¤ôãôãô_ ¯£¯µ¯¼¯± ôÉô ôÔôà ôɯµ¯¤¯±ô_ ¯_¯«¯¤ô  ô_ôã¯_¯_ôãôàôÉ ¯¬ô_¯¦¯¤¯»ôàôÉ. ôöôį¤ô  ôɯµ¯¤¯_¯¬ ¯±¯_ôÉô_¯¤ôÜ ¯¤ôãô¯»¯¤¯© ¯¤ô㯻¯_ô_¯_¯© ¯¤ôã¯_¯ü ¯¤ôãô㯻ô_ ôàô_ ôɯ±¯»ôà ôàô㯣 ôö¯¤¯_ôÉô௤ ô௬¯©¯Î ôöôį¤ô ¯» ôàô_ ¯¤ô_¯¦¯¤ôÜ ¯»ô⯦ô_ ôãô_¯¤ôãô_ ¯_ôɯ±¯¤¯Á ôɯ_ôà ôô_ ¯¤ô㯼¯±ô¯© ¯_ô ¯øôɯ¤ ôį¤ô  ¯¤ôàôãôà ô_¯»¯±ôÄôö¯¤ ¯¤ôãôÉô ¯_ôã¯Î ôöôį¤ô ¯» ¯»ô ¯»¯¤ôÄ ôÉô  ¯¤ô㯨ôãô¯Î ôö¯¬¯_¯ø ô௡¯¤ ôį¤ô  ô_¯£¯»ô_ ¯¤ôãô_ô ¯¤ ô ¯_ô  ¯¤ô㯫¯¬¯¤¯¬ ôãô_ô⯵ ¯_ôãô_ô ¯¤ ôɯ¼¯¤ôɯ±¯¤¯»ôà ôö¯¬¯áôöô㯤¯»ôà ôɯ_ ô௬¯©. ¯¤ôãôɯ_ôÄô_ô ¯© ô௬¯© ôį¤ô ¯» ¯»¯_¯±ô ¯¤ô ôà ô_¯¨ôöô ô௤ ôöôàôö ôô_ ôÄô ¯ø¯¤¯Î ôö¯¤ô_¯¦¯¤ôÜ ¯_ô ¯øôɯ¤ ôį¤ô  ô_¯_ôÉôã ôô_ ¯¤ô㯱ô_¯¤¯¦¯Î ôÄôɯ¤ ¯¤ô ô௤ ¯»¯_¯±ô ¯¤ô㯢ô  ¯¤ô ôà ô_¯¨ôöô ô௤ ôô_ ¯_ôö¯¤¯ÂôàôÉ ¯¤ôã¯_¯_ô_¯ø¯Î ôôâ¯ø ¯¤ôɯ¦ôä ôô_ ôÄô ¯ø¯¤ ô⯱¯¤¯¬¯© ¯¤ôã¯_¯«¯± ¯_ô ô_ô  ôö¯_¯¤¯ø ¯¬ô㯤 ¯«ô௤¯ø¯©¯Î ôôâ¯á ¯¬¯¤ôãôɯ_ô_¯ø ôÉô  ¯¬¯áôöô㯤¯»ôà ôô_ ô¯±¯«¯¤¯» ¯¤ôãô ôöôÉ ôö¯¤ôöôį¤¯± ¯¤ôã¯ø¯_¯¤¯±¯©. ôö¯¤ô㯤¯ÂôÉôã ôÉô  ô௡¯¤ ôÄôãôà ¯¤ô  ô௬¯© ¯¤ô_¯¦¯¤ôÜ ôį¤ô ¯» ¯»¯¨ôöô ôà. ô¯_ô㯤ôÜ ¯¤ôã¯áô_¯¬ôöô  ôãôã¯áô_¯¬¯¤¯». ¯¤ôãôÉôàôɯΠ¯¤ô㯢ô  ¯_¯¤¯_ô㯩 ¯¤ô㯵¯_¯¤ôãô_ôÄ ô௡ôà ¯¤ôãô㯻ô_ ¯±¯_ôâôàôÉ ¯¤ôãôãôà ¯¬¯£¯áô¯¤ôã ôɯ»ôã ¯¤ô㯨¯±¯¤ ¯»ôɯ¤ôɯ¤ôܯΠ¯¬¯«¯_ô_ô  ôö¯¬ô㯤 ¯«¯±ô ôö¯±ô_¯_¯»ôàôÉ ¯«¯¨¯¤¯¨¯Î ¯¬¯»¯_ôöôâ ¯¤ô㯫¯±ô ôö¯»¯¡ô௬ ¯¤ôãôä ¯¤ô㯵ô㯤¯© ôö¯»¯µôöôÉ ¯±ôɯ¦¯¤ô  ôö¯¤ô㯨 ¯¤ô㯨 ¯¤ô㯨¯Î ô¯_ô㯤ôÜ ¯¤ô ôà ô㯫ô_¯Á ôɯ¦¯_ôÄ ¯_ô ¯øôɯ¤ ¯»¯»ôÄôãôÉ ¯¤ô㯫¯±ôÉôö¯á¯© ¯_ô  ¯¤ô㯫¯±ô¯Î ôöô௡¯¤ ôàôö ¯¼ô_¯Ç ôɯ_ôÉôÔ¯ø ¯¤ô㯬¯áô_¯¨ô_ ¯¬¯¤ôãôɯ¨¯»¯µ¯±¯Î ¯«¯±ôÉôö¯á ôÉô ô_ôöôÄ ¯¤ô_¯±ôà ¯µ¯¼ô_¯± ôö¯_¯«¯¤ô  ô_¯_ôöôÔ¯¦ ¯¤ôã¯_¯ÂôɯΠ¯¬ô_¯¦ôã ô_¯_ôÉôã ¯¬ôö¯øô_ ¯¬ô_ôã¯øô_ô ¯¼ ôöô ô¯¨ ôã¯_¯¦ô㯤¯»ôà ¯¬ôãôÄô_ ¯¤ôãô ¯¤¯_ ôôÄôÔ¯±ôöôà ¯_ôãôɯ©. ôãôÄô ôÔôà ¯_¯¬¯¤¯±¯© ¯_ô  ¯«ôãôÄôÔ¯© ¯¬ôÄô ôö¯¤¯_¯ø ¯¬¯«¯¨ ¯_¯_¯¤ôãôà¯Î ôö¯¤ô ¯¤ ¯¬¯_¯±ô ô㯣ô ôÔôà ô_¯¤ôɯ¤ ôɯ¤ôÄôã ôÄôôöô ôÉô ôÔô_¯Î ôöô_¯¤ôɯ¤ ôÉôã¯_ôö¯_ôãô_ ¯áô_¯_ô_. From : 322832 posted on 2010-04-27 To all cheaters: if you’re going to admit to cheating or get caught, come clean. Completely clean. Don’t tell a bullshit story to make the indiscretion seem less of a big deal. You cheated; the damage is done; there is no such thing as better or worse cheating. I all hurts. Pages: 1.

Note: Some of the commentary about Ghaith Mohammed Battikhi, Amman, Amman, Jordan is a collection of user forum submissions from the previous cheaters registry site.  As such, some format may be off, but the dates when the comments were made about Ghaith Mohammed Battikhi, Amman, Amman, Jordan by the users were preserved.


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