You would think a woman would back off if you confront her and let her know that __________ and I have two kids together and one on the way. Clearly, it didnt ring up for her. I found out about this woman through a screen shot that a friend of mine sent me and messaged her telling her to leave him be and so that I can hear her side. in the beginning, she tried to act really ghetto with me. Then when I explained to her the situation, once again, she told me that she wasnt a home wrecker and that shes sorry about my situation. And then proceeded to tell me to tell him that she is done with him . Then tried to tell me that shes been through hard times and that she doesnt deserve this . What did she think she will get when messing with a man who has a FAMILY. If she stopped there, I wouldnt be writing this right now. But she didnt. She continuously hit up _______ like our conversation didnt even happen. What kind of a woman plays that crap? She does! She hits up still, not giving a damn about his family, and its disgusting. I wasnt going to place the whole blame onto her until she pulled that stuff in the end. You dont mess with men who have family. Especially if his woman is PREGNANT WITH ANOTHER CHILD OF HIS! But she has no respect for that concept. She even went as far as having unprotected sex not even knowing if he had anything. As a matter of fact, she is still hitting him up haha. She just doesnt get it. I even sent her a screen shot of him saying how she is a joke and how she doesnt mean a damn thing to her And yet, she still hits him up like shes uneducated and cant comprehend what she read . So women, watch out for this homewrecker. Shes truly the definition of a homewrecker.

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