Glenn Wicker of King of Prussia, PA formerly of Millville, NJ is back on POF attempting to scam women into romance and a fake relationship. His POF profile is full of lies and he is a scammer to get money out of women who really want love and to be in a committed relationship. He does not have a College Degree as an Engineer but is a locomotive engineer for Norfolk Southern. If he puts that in his profile he can get to women that do have degrees and work hard for their money so he can use you, take advantage and discard you like trash. A friend met this loser on POF at the end of 2012, he moved his lazy ass and his kinds into her house in 2013 and offered no financial support while she took care of him, all the bills and his kids since he was never home when he had them for his visitation. He did this for 3 years until she asked him why he only speaks in the first person and never considers her part of his life. He has no friends, pictures of himself on his phone on his home screen not even his kids. Magically after they broke up recently, he had money to get his own place down the street from where they lived and stopped seeing his kids. Never offered her any money for supporting him for 3 years when his story was he was broke the whole time. He is still bitter and angry about his divorce from 8 years ago and meets women on POF to take it out on them because his ex moved on and has a new family. Its payback for what his ex did to him. He calls it the War. Beware of someone that has no friends, no connections from being in the military his whole life, speaking in the first person and using what you tell him against you to make you look bad. This guy is a walking time bomb and upset because his penis is very small and he is horrible in bed yet acts like someone owes him something for his life on this earth. He is not worth your time and will break your heart and make you feel like you are crazy for no reason. Glenn Wicker should not be online dating and scamming women. Keep your wallets closed and send this guy packing.

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