This Is Gracie Sander. Early 20s. She slept with my best friends man while she was away, and ended up pregnant. She then decided to terrorize my best friend and throwing it in her face that she was having a living child , while my best friend was miss carrying with his child. Once my best friend found out, said father of both children, denied wanting to be with Gracie. Gracie then went on a psycho rampage and started numerous rumors about my best friend. After the baby was born she neglected her child by leaving him in a room while she hand parties at her house, leaving him in an infant car seat and shoving a bottle in his mouth to keep him quiet. Also there have been numerous occasions where she has been caught too strung out on drugs to care for her child. She later dropped the baby off at the fathers house and didnt make an appearance until 3-4 months later!!!! She threatened my best friend saying she was going to hit my friend with a baseball bat and wanted to fight. Well, my friend gave her the address and told her to show up. Yet she never did. About a week after that, she got caught with a back page up where she was prostituting herself online. Said father used it against her in court to gain full custody of the child. In revenge, she took private actual modeling photos from my friend private portfolio and created a back page to try and make my friend look like she was doing the same. About 3 weeks ago, my friend found this home wreckers page and saw a post she had made about her with the fake back page profile to try and make my friend look bad. My best friend has never once said she was going to do anything to Gracies child. But shes claiming that shes going to take him away or hurt him . Thats never once happened. Im sick of everyone giving her sympathy for the nasty whore she really is! Shes slandering my best friend all because she got knocked up by my best friends now ex boyfriend, knowing he was with her. Shes nothing but a tramp who is pregnant with some other guys baby now and trying to tie him down like she does with every other male around. Shes not a mother, shes not innocent either. This shit has to stop! I hope everyone sees that shes the home wrecker and that her sick ass mind needs to be known to everyone she lies to.

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