Greg Slack is 49 years old. Has his entire chest full of tattoos. He is a gambling addict. Always plays craps at PA casinos. So look out for getting picked up at the craps table. He has his own business and throws his money around trying to impress woman. His wife knows. Hes been doing this for 5 plus years and she just enables him. He will wine and dine you and then blow you off for a week. He has a secret phone that he uses for his girlfriends. I called his wife to tell her and we shared information, He will text her he loves her after telling you how much he cant stand her and has been with you all night. Greg Slack wont divorce her because he doesnt want to give up half of his business. Sleeps with his wife and then takes you out and sleeps with you too. It took me about a week to figure out something wasnt right and looked him up and found out his background. Greg Slack will make your life miserable. Stay away. Narcissistic personality disorder. Dont get involved with him. Greg Slack has mental problems.

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