Gregory Scott Pincelli is a married man. He will tell you he is divorced or has papers for one. He will tell you all the sappy stuff you want to hear. Will even tell you his marriage is not fixable. Oh and will move his family across states to be with you lol! When the wife (Heather Pincelli) finds out. Not only will she harass you but her friends & family as well. Shes a piece of work. Will tell you sob stories. Like Greg has cheated on her different times. How shes had miscarriages and still births. She will tell your friends & family that you wont talk to her. When youve talked to her since day one. She is a counselor. However she will threaten your kids. Im sorry but I wouldnt want my kids at a school where the counselor threatens someones children! She will lead you to think shes divorcing Greg and no longer together. Posting you on numerous sites about being a homewrecker. Do the research. They are still happily married!

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