No Education. No Job. Loser from Logan WV trying to latch on to anyone. My husband picked her up on social media wanting to use her as a blower for him and his buddies when they went hunting out in the woods. She advertises Òbow lessonsÓ She did the job all right. For the whole county as a matter of fact. My husband says that she was just a strung out wanna be stripper that needed money. Her hair is fried to the crisp from bleach and her fake tan helps her get w/black guys. She looks like she hasnÕt missed a meal in a while. Fellow Logan WV residents-you have been warned about this whore. She pretends to be close to God but her actions prove otherwise. My Husband has repented his sins Ð we have kids that went to school with her. And we went to school with her mom! Disgusting.

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