So this whore is the worst kind. She is friends with all the guys at work, with little to no girl friends-has a boyfriend that she lives with- claimed I was being over-sensitive & needing to slow my roll cause I didnt care for her lack of boundaries with other peoples husbands and boyfriends! Haydee Wilcox would invite my husband and other guys to come over for group hang outs/fight nights then trying to make it seem like I was a smothering wife who was trying to control my husband! No whore, I just dont care to watch you dance around half dressed, flirting and caring on with all the guys! Never had a good feeling about her!! Long story short, my hubs had been distant-(I could tell, thought he was just depressed due to his parents dying fairly young) while her boyfriend was gone- she starts texting and coming on to my husband- we all know how it goes from there!!! I caught one of her sleazy texts saying Haydee Wilcox hasnt had an orgasm in 3 weeks-(by a man) and yes, she put that- and she wanted him to come give her a ride home!(All while we are at my mothers for the 4th of July) Of course I confront the hubs who was only thinking with his dick- he admits it, and cuts it off immediately- but the worst of it is, we have 5 kids 17 years, and she has 2, whom she has no custody of (I wonder why!!) Some hoes will always go after something they dont have, and dont care about who they hurt!! Of course I blame my husband, Im livid and disgusted(because she is so trashy)!! But she still works in the same place as him, & Im fairly certain her live-in boyfriend is clueless!! I have days & days of phone records/texting- a pics of her trashy texts Im fairly sure shes done this before!! Watch out for your boyfriends & husbands, she has no boundaries!!

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