This is Bull Dog as my family likes to call her. She has 2 kids and lives with her parents. I do not know her personally but my cousins do, because they went to school with her and her kids go to school with my cousins kids. All I know is that shes a long time skanky hoe. My ex fianc and I had been together for what would have been 2 years this July. We had a very good relationship. We were open and honest with one another and we loved each other very much. On his little brothers 17th birthday he was feeling down and had a few beers. We sat in my car for hours talking and he pointed at his other brother and said Thats what I want. I want a family. Well as it turned out that next month we conceived. We didnt find out until January because I have a condition that the doctors told me I would never be able to have a baby. Once we found out I made a doctors appointment and found out that I had a very mild form of HPV (which if you dont know is super common and yes its a STD). Well April came a long and his friend came down for the weekend and they went out, which was totally fine. Then the next weekend came and he was gone again. Then it was weeks at a time with his friends. I had told him that I felt alone and that I was scared. I guess this would be a good time to mention that he didnt have a job the whole time we were together. Thats the main reason I was scared. All he would tell me is Babe, youre not alone. I was alone because he left me for his friends. Then May came along and it was the same as the month before that. Im guessing the last 3 weeks of May he met this bitch. How I found out was his friend told me. He had another FB account that he was using and very active on. He had blocked me from seeing it so I had no idea, course I trusted him up until his friend told me. The next day I sent her a friends request on FB. She had her friend message me and we talked for a little while then I gave her my number. Heather and I talked for over an hour about all the lies that he had told her and about me being 8 months pregnant with his child. I even told her that I have HPV and that she needs to get checked out. Over the phone she proceeded to tell me that her kids had grown very fond of him and that they were sleeping together, which was not a surprise to me. She had told me about her ex-husband who had cheated on her while she was pregnant and that if she knew about me then she would have never talked to him. Well after that phone call my ex called me and we talked a little about us and our unborn child. Her friend asked me to come meet them, so I did. Heather and I both talked to him for a little while and she gave him back a few of his things and told him I would be stupid to ever talk to you again. After she and her friend left he and I sat in my car and talked I asked him if he still loved me and he said yes and I asked if he wanted to work this out and he said yes. I told him that he would have to prove himself to me and get a job so we could support our child. So here I am thinking that him and I were going to try and work things out. That was the first week of June and on the 8th was my baby shower, which he didnt show up for because low and behold he got himself a job. Well I look at her FB and on the 5th she said that she was in a relationship. I was yet again hurt. This bitch knows about me, and all the lies, knows that we were going to try and work it out, but yet still ends up with my baby daddy. He did not say anything to me about being with her or anything. The next day which was the 9th he took her and her kids to meet his family. When I think about it its really sad that he can play house with her for a month but skimp out on his own. I know that I am better off without him and I am moving on to better things and better people. Im going to be a mommy very soon and I am a much happier person without that kind of man in my life.

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