This is Heather Fields from Rockville Indiana. I can be found on facebook (/heather.fields.73345) or at SparkyÕs Roadhouse located outside of Rockville on US 36. I enjoy going after any married man I can so if you are married look me up! I will hook up with you. This woman manipulated my partner for many years! Pretending to be his friend twisting and manipulating things he said using it to turn him against me. Knowing that she was causing problems between us and using things to her advantage. She presents herself as a weak pitiful victim. Acting like everyone in her life has been against her while in fact she was the one doing things to them then twists it around with her lies and bullshit making my partner feel sorry for her Making him think she has no friends and everyone in her life has always done her wrong! Fact is she was the one being underhanded and using people. Long story short this WHORE knew exactly what she was doing!; She went after my partner during a weak period in our relationship getting him to talk to her and confide in her as a friend then presenting herself as innocent and sweet doing no wrong she would twist and manipulate things turning him against me. She is so conniving in how she presents herself and when people would figure out how she really is she twists things to make herself look like the victim. I went through many years of hell trying to show him what she really was. It was almost like she had him brainwashed with her b.s.. Fact is she is a homewrecker with a history of going after married men. She is a skank! She is a white trash nasty little dishwashing frycook that sponges off of her family. Her current boyfriend was stolen from his wife and 4 kids. She knows these men are married or attached and still goes after them!he is a loser with nothing to offer. Possibly why she canÕt hook up with anyone single and unattached.

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