Heather Shaw lives in Columbia TN. Heather Shaw is a very money hungry cheater. Heather Shaw has been married to her husband 3 times in the last 21 years. They got divorced the first time, for her having sex with his brother. The second time, they got divorced for her sleeping with his step brother. The third time, Heather Shaw is sleeping with his best friend. Heather Shaw calls herself a Christian, but really is a w**** that has brought home several std including herpes. Heather Shaw has put her husband though hell, and he still keeps loving her and keeps taking her back. Guys watch out for this money hungry woman. You might catch something from her if your her next vicitim. Heather Shaw has done a little time in jail. Heather Shaw likes to call the police and tell them that her husband has hit her too. Heather Shaw lies so the police so they will take husband to jail for 12 hours, so she can have sex with other men. Heather Shaw is a home wrecker as well, so ladys watch out for her. Heather Shaw will use her looks to steal your man just to drain him of his money.

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