Hellion Vaughn/Vickey, Roanoke, Virginia, a registered cheater in cheatersregistry.com. The registry entry for Hellion Vaughn/Vickey, Roanoke, Virginia is as follows: This piece of work is Hollian. Hollian is nothing but trouble. Stay away from Hollian & keep your men away from Hollian. Shes the type of ÒladyÓ that doesnt want to find her own man, thats too hard. She wants to go for other womens men, sucker them into whatever she wants, then threaten to tell their wives. She played this game with my husband. He was totally in the wrong for allowing this she devil to work her black magic on him, but the kicker to this is that theres no shame in her game. She gets pregnant, tells him if he doesnt do this or that, or whatever she feels is necessary to do or have photos of to post online so her real life story doesnt get out, then shes going to call his wife. Him, being the big dummy he is, goes along with it, until hes to his breaking point. He finally tells me, I try to have a conversation with this trick, and she wont respond now. Huh, guess maybe those kids shes trying to pin on him really arent hisÉ This bitch doesnt care about the wife, girlfriend, fiancŽe..she doesnt care that shes hurting someone, tearing apart a family, whatever. She should know that in my case, it didnt work. I just hope that whoever else has the misfortune of encountering this sketchy ass doesnt let it work on them either. Karmas a bitch, bitch! **This picture is a few years old. Shes much more haggard looking and fat now**

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