Irene K. Luna California, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Irene K. Luna California is as follows: After many attempts and opportunities given to him to be honest concerning his odd behavior..Instead, he made excuses and started complaining about a migraine and the stresses of LIFEÉ And when he speed off, the truth was suddenly revealed to me in ways unexpected and I could not just ignore..; Monday, with a heavy heart and great disappointment I found out that my once loving husband who WE built a wonderful life with, four beautiful children, chose to throw It ALL away for another week away from family and work, to seek a sick affair with IRENE K. LUNA. He reconnected with her on Instagram then Facebook less than a month ago.; A single mom to his once best of friends. She was proud of herself to help tear our lives and family apart. All she could do is give me a Demonic Smirk. Then a stupid look on her face after taking a picture of her with my husband.; My husband had decided to open a facebook this month and reconnect with old friends but instead of being a positive influence and giving God the Glory for All he had been Blessed with, He let his pride take over and ruin all he once cherished.; Unfortunately he did this once, 4yrs ago with a girl from middle school he connected with on MySpace. I was pregnant with our first daughter and I felt he was sincere and apologetic and I chose to forgive for the sake of Family. But now, through my process in forgiveness..It has made me stronger in the lord and It has given me more knowledge of his unfailing love for me and how valuable I am in christ. No matter what I have to come against, I can not compromise my faith or my morals. I know God has not called me to be spiritually drained or that our family be under this emotionally; physically and mental abuse..Life is too precious and I need my energy and peace of mind to care for my children..; It did not matter how much I had given myself to appease him to meet his wants and support all his endeavors. He could only find more and more reasons to complain and put ALL the blame on me for not having things go his way. Then refused to rest in God or seek spiritual guidance.. And this was his way of breaking free. The only difference is that he wanted to control the whole situation and destroy my person in the process. But God had A plan and he had the last Word! I am glad I followed my Heart and allowed the Holy spirit to lead me to recognize the truth, giving me the courage to put an end to it.; Instead of trusting God..Pressing in by Faith and stepping into the promises and plans he had for US.. He Allowed his so-called friends or magazine articles to be his guide..Running after his flesh for a night of fun with a snakeÉOnly to end up with a throbbing headache and a world full Of heartbreak..; Galatians 5:13 You, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.Ó; I MIGHT have been naive, but the Holy Spirit would NOT allow me to be ignorant and I refuse to be bullied and give in to All the LIES. He violated my trust and killed my love for the LAST time..

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