Jackie Overton is an online predator that stalks men and women going through emotionally difficult times in their lives and preys on them. SheÕs catfished TLC Sister WiveÕs Meri Brown and has been exposed publicly for doing so. She loves to ruin marriages. She pretends to be this handsome millionaire named Samuel Christianson Samuel Cooper Samuel Krane Jaxon Morrison and/or other fake names. She tells the women or men sheÕs talking to on the phone that ÒhisÓ best friend/assistant Lindsay Jackson is a hacker and they should try to get on LindsayÕs good side. Lindsay is JACKIE OVERTON so when she meets her victims in real life they never get to meet the ÒmanÓ Sam or whatever because they meet Lindsay (whoÕs really Jackie). Jackie has caused women to leave their husbands by pretending to be this Sam character and promising to buy them cars/homes and they never get to meet this guy because he doesnÕt exist. Jackie Overton actually will have phone sex with the person/victim steal their pictures and send them to other new victims blackmail people with recorded voicemails and Ôsexy picturesÕ etc. SheÕs the worst of the worst. She has never been prosecuted for her cyber crimes and identity theft and has even sometimes taken out credit cards in the names of the CHILDREN of some of her victims. SheÕs a horrible predator and people need to be made aware of her crimes. ThereÕs voicemails and more information online if you just GOOGLE Jackie Overton catfish.

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