Ladies please beware of this man!!!! He is a WOMAN BEATER!!!! He goes by ÒJ.L.Ó short for JAMES LLOYD PRINCE 52 y.o. from the Conway/Aynor/Cool Springs area. He has beat women with HAMMERS CROW-BARS LOCKED them in closets tried to GOUGE their eyes out BURNED their clothes put a GUN TO THEIR HEAD and has left scares on their face! His Mother shot and killed his Father! So Mental Illness runs in this family. ÒJ.L.Ó beat his ex-wife for 25 years. This sick man even attacked his own adult daughter while she was sleeping and stuck his tongue in her mouth!!! He beat his son with a metal pipe and he was sent to jail for ASSAULT & BATTERY. He smokes cigarettes like a chimney smokes marijuana and drinks heavily daily! He has also smoked crack-cocaine. He DOES NOT have a drivers licenses or own an automobile. So ladies you will be his personal taxi service along with being his family and friends taxi service. He has VANDALIZED his girlfriendÕs cars more than once and has BROKEN 7 CELL PHONES in order to stop her from calling the police when he gets violent. He even made her lie to the Judge in order to get his most recent CRIMINAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE charge dropped and has threaten to BLOW HER BRAINS OUT. This man is truly evil. He SHOOTS & KILLS dogs and cats and neglects the animals he has now!!

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