Jamie Fero, who “suspected” my husband was married went ahead and had an affair with him anyways. She admittedly stalked my FB page looking for info about him and knew he wasn’t telling “the full truth” but that didn’t stop her. She also didn’t care that we had a toddler at home. She let her own daughter meet the married man she was having an affair with. According to her she’s just a single mom who loves Jesus (eyeroll). She’s a nurse in Springfield, Ohio (near Dayton) and he was a co-worker. So there are apparently no boundaries she won’t cross. Even after I confronted her and she pretended to be surprised and hurt, she tried to keep the affair going. We entered marriage counseling and she kept contacting him. Had he outright lied to her and she was fooled, I’d only be mad at him, but she knew and she didn’t care, so they’re both lying HOMEWRECKERS.

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