While both were married, they had extra martial s*x, lied and cheated.They met while playing pickle ball in Auburn AL.The people they play with have no moral, religious or social problem with it at all? Janet and Michael are not hiding it. See pictures on of them on the Auburn pickle ball website together (Auburn Pickleball) and see the people covering for them. Wait until they are on the stand!!! Janet and Michael are playing the victim and blaming others, mostly their prior spouses. They probably feel this posting is attacking them which it is not. This is simply holding them liable for their actions. But they are the ones living together. I can post pictures if needed. She is divorced by now and through her low life personal conduct, she ended a marriage of over 30+ years for him? Her stupid Ex is still helping her by paying to remove her from websites as she lives and screws Michael Boyce. Hey Dude how much will you pay for this to be removed? Get out that credit card a$$hole. But you can keep up to date on this little s*** at She’sAHomeWrecker.com, search Janet Bowman or Janet Boyce (soon to be her new name!!!!!) She accepted his proposal of marriage in 2017. Now for the biggest loser: Michael Boyce, the serial cheater, wqho soon will be the only common factor in three divorces. In his need for s*x and money, he will marry Janet as soon as his divorce is final. His wife who was DEVOTED to him is being treated like dog s***. Cheating on women is trait all Boyce men have. When he marries this naive woman, she will become his third wife? What the h**l is that dumb b**** thinking? She is his ticket out of debt. Nice job Michael. Most people get a loan to repay their debts but you get out of debt, screwed and a little head on the side. Simply brillant. Hey sweetheart drop your pants and your bank account balance for him!? S*x with Michael is the best two minutes of girls life. A minute for him to do his thing and minute for us to wonder what the heck just happened. But don’t worry, even with his super powers (v****a), that will little thing wouldn’t hurt a fly!

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