Janice Laster Missouri, a registered cheater in cheatersregistry.com. The registry entry for Janice Laster Missouri is as follows: I thought I had found the man of my dreams. Darrel is the love of my life. He is kind, generous, and everything I ever wanted but never had before. He rescued me from an abusive relationship and showed me that I could be loved and not hit. He treats my son real good and me like a queen. I had huge dreams of finally having my happily ever after.; Then fast forward a year to this horrible excuse of a person (I cant even call her a woman!) who comes slinking around sniffing out what is mine! She is the devil, a whore, and the most heartless person that ever graced this earth!; The story is that they used to go to grade school together and had some common friends. They became Facebook friends then she started flirting with him and tricking him into falling for her. She has a new sports car and a good job in the city, so she was interesting to him. We are very simple people who like having a night out mudding on the country roads to going out for some fancy dinner or nightclub. She gave him excitement and stroked his ego and she knew about me and my son.; I found out the way everyone else does. He starts staying away from the house more, he is guarding his phone, stays out all night and not treating me like he used to. He done the old ÒI need spaceÓ speech and I fell for it. Then one day, I was coming back to our home and seen a girl running out the back door. When I got out and went inside, he put on his shoes and ran after her and wouldnt tell me who it was. He couldnt hide her anymore. I decided to move out and I left my stuff there for him to use, until I found her there again. I could not stand the thought of that bitch having sex with him in my bed. I came back and got all my things and let her have him. She didnt want him then.; He talked me into moving back in with him as roommates, then giving us another chance, but he never gave her up. I sent her a message on Facebook message told her she was evil and was just using him and she refused to leave us alone and even laughed at me and told me she would do what she wanted with him.; I know they go to cheap motels (that he pays for with money from our household) when she spares him some time but they have also been in our home together. He will ask me for time to himself and have her over as soon as I leave. She sleeps with him in our bed, cooks for him in my kitchen, showers in the bathroom that I clean.; He he has the nerve to tell me he loves her and will see her no matter what but then asks me to give him my social security check to pay his bills.; Here is the really, really bad part. She is married! She has kids and keeps living her normal life with her husband until she thinks she isnt getting enough attention at home, then she starts in with my fiance again. She makes him think she is leaving her husband so he comes running, then says sorry, I am staying and breaks his heart. Guess who keeps picking up the pieces? Me!; I put up with it (for now) because I know she isnt going to leave her husband and he will know that I was the one that really loved him and I wont hurt him. I dont have any place else to go and I dont know what to do.

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