Hi, my husband is 41 years old and he’s a welder, he works all over Canada. Recently I found out that he was having an affair with a ***** he was working with in Saskatoon. Her name is Jasha Fedler…she’s recently married and this is her 2nd marriage and sadly she’s only 28-29 years old.

I found out about this affair on New Years Eve while I was out with my husband and a text was sent from Mrs ***** wishing my husband a happy New Years with a picture attached. Luckily I was the one that had his phone and received the text!!!! yay for me!!!!!

This prompted me to get the story from my husband and he confessed everything. I also did some more investigating on his cell and found some very revealing photos that the ***** sent to him.
I confronted her and she denies everything, says she’s never touched my husband that he’s lying to me to get me jealous. As far as the photos go, well she said she would never send any indecent pics of herself and that my husband must have sto ***** them from her cell phone!!! Lol



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