Jason is definitely the worst ex boyfriend I’ve ever had! He’s a liar,manipulator,a*****e, and victim all in a short little package. He’s cute and he plays shy and he’ll look you right in the eyes and completely convince you how much you mean to him and when he loses interest in you, he’s not even man enough to break up with you. He just ignores you till you go away. I’m not even sure I ever really knew his real personality because that seemed to change depending on who he was around. He’ll act so proud of the fact that he’s an a*****e but if you call him out on it, it’s never his fault and he quickly becomes a victim whining and crying about his mommy leaving and his ex girlfriend f*****g him over. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how him cheating on me ended up being his ex girlfriends fault because she cheated on him?!?! GTFOH!! It’s repulsive and impossible to have any respect for a man that doesn’t even respect himself. He’s secretly a chubby chaser, loves BIIIIIIG girls!! But if he’s around his friends, all he does is make fun of big girls and talk about how they are disgusting. He’s pretty picky (in front of his friends) for a guy who is only like 5’7″ Ish. Barely above mediocre in bed (to his credit, he really does try his best) especially for what he has to work with. Little tip, if you end up in bed with Jason, just let him go down on you. He’s fairly good at it and it’ll be over so much faster than him trying to impress you with his very limited and boring techniques. Also you want to do this before he gets shitfaced (which is a nightly thing) otherwise I promise you don’t even want to bother. I wish someone had warned me before I fell in love with him. Be careful, he knows exactly what to say and can say it and make you believe everything he says but the only person Jason really cares about is himself, the guy doesn’t even have anything to do with his kids except forced interactions because of his mother (who is also a very proud alcoholic a*****e) and his sad need for her approval. He definitely f****d me up in the head with all his bullshit and games and if I could go back in time, I would have ran the other way when I first saw him

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