Jason Kenney Murfreesboro/Brentwood, Tennessee, a registered cheater in cheatersregistry.com. The registry entry for Jason Kenney Murfreesboro/Brentwood, Tennessee is as follows: First, I apologize for all the errors in grammar and paragraph structure. It was written on my phone during my lunch breaks. It is also too long, but when I try to edit it becomes longer! There is profanity, so stop reading now if it bothers you. I thought about not sending this in, but if it saves one woman then it was worth it.; I had been through a lousy breakup right before I met Jason. I had decided to start dating again and made a profile on a dating website. It wasnt going well until one day an email popped into my account with a poem that was lovely even as the meaning was either elusive or subjective (the best poems always are). I was intrigued and looked at the senders profile. It was a tall man in an army uniform. His face was covered in camouflage paint, but that couldnt disguise his blue eyes. They looked as deep as an ocean. He was a warrior poet. Oh, my.; We met in a coffee shop for lunch. Jason was a Murfreesboro Police officer who was also in the National Guard. He had spent a year in Iraq. He talked about his work and how dangerous it was. He told me he was a recently divorced father of two girls. He spoke of how much he loved and missed his girls. My heart hurt for him. We talked nonstop and we were holding hands before we finished lunch. We shared so many things. We loved the same books, music and we even used to go to the same places. He kissed me and we made plans to meet that night.; We spent every day from that day on together. He worked at night and would come to my door in the morning. We would make love and he would sleep while I went to class. I would come home in the afternoon and wed make love again. We talked for hours, shared secrets and were always touching. He wrote me beautiful poems and brought me roses to work. We made plans for a family. I was in love with my battered knight.; If I had been paying attention there were signs that things werent right, but he always had a good explanation. He never used a bank card. He said his ex-wife worked at the bank and would use his transactions to stalk him. He always sent texts when he was Òat workÓ or Òat drillÓ and rarely called. When he had his kids I was never invited to meet them or .his mother. He said he wanted them to feel special. When he talked to his ex-wife on the phone he called her ÒhoneyÓ. He said it was because he was touching me while he was talking. I was an idiot.n He talked about his ex-wife like she was the most disgusting creature alive. He told me that she never cared about him, that she cheated on him, sold off his car, was selfish, money hungry and abandoned him while he was in Iraq. He said she rarely let him see his daughters and was a heartless bitch. I had no idea that the person he was describing was really himself.; I wanted to meet his family and he said that I would, but that they would be very critical of us both. He came from an upper class family in Brentwood. They all had large homes, drove Escalades, had attended private schools and so did their children. He said he was the black sheep of the family. If he had been trying he couldnt have come up with a better excuse. My ex-husband was roughly from the same background and I came from a blue collar family. I always felt like I wasnt good enough. What he said only made me love him more. I felt I had found my soul mate.; I knew that his background had to be spotless, but I did a background check anyway. On it was a womans name that I didnt recognize. She was listed as sharing a household with him and the same last name. To my knowledge he had only one ex-wife and that was not her name.; I confronted him with the information on the background check. He said she was a crazy ex that stalked him and even changed her name to his. I said that many women take the last name of their husband and its not considered crazy or stalking. Its called marriage. He finally admitted that he had been married to her and that they had two sons. He said she had taken their children and disappeared. He said he had been searching for them, but hadnt found them. I was horrified for him.; I did a background check on his first wife. She lived about 20 minutes down the road from his mothers home in Brentwood and had lived there for years. My bullshit meter had hit ten. Hes a copÐhe could find them. He had never lost them. F**king LIAR.; This time I decided to play his game. I said that I had wonderful newsÐI had found his kidnapped children! We needed to go there immediately, call the police and get his kids back. He knew he was busted. He said that he had lied to keep from losing me. I was fed up and told him to go. He took out his gun and pretended that he would kill himself. I said for him to take that shit outside; I didnt want a mess in my home.; He realized that bullshit wouldnt work. He begged me to understand how little he thought of himself and how he wanted to be perfect for me. He promised me that I would meet all of his children that weekend. The next day he presented me with a diamond engagement ring. Against my better judgment, I forgave him and said yes.; I did meet his children. We went to a beautiful national park called the Great Stone Door. We played in the water, climbed rocks and hiked the trails. He had been an arborist and knew every tree in the forest. He was a patient and loving father. I fell even more in love with him.; Jason didnt want a big wedding. That was fine; I had already had a big wedding. We settled on Las Vegas. We laughed and thought an Elvis wedding would be hysterical. I found the perfect chapel, the perfect package and we booked it.; Right before our wedding we moved into a larger apartment together. I showed him a game on Facebook called Vampire Wars. He loved it and we would play all night.; We flew to Las Vegas early in the morning. I was excited, but he seemed tense. I figured it was because he was tired. I remember someone asking about our plans as we got off the plane. Jason smiled and told them we were on our way to Vegas to get married.; I went to the bathroom and my phone started going berserk with messages. A woman left a message saying, Ó I dont know who you are, but dont marry Jason Kenney. He is already married to me and another woman. Those were my friends asking about your plans on the plane. I got your number off our phone bill.Ón I remember being confused and fear curling in my belly. I told Jason about the message. He looked irritated and, said it was his stalking ex-wife trying to destroy our wedding. It seemed a little extreme, but he assured me that she was crazy, a stalker and would do anything to destroy his happiness. That made more sense than a cop being married to two different women and on his way to marry a third.; She called again. I told her we were staying at Mandalay Bay and she could fax her marriage certificate to the hotel if it existed. She replied that she wasnt able to fax. I told her to send a picture of it on Facebook along with wedding photos. I hung up on her. I have zero tolerance for crazy bitches.n I decided that I wouldnt let anything ruin our wedding. I had waited my whole life for this man. He was my joy. We went to our room and made love. My phone blew up before I could even get my clothes on.; It was a different number this time. Jason saw it and took the phone from me (WTF! Its my phone!) and answered it. I heard him telling someone to stop bothering him; he hadnt had a vacation in years. Vacation? This was our wedding! He hung up and I took the phone back. I had a message to check my Facebook.; The first pictures were of Jason and a woman in what looked like an office. He was in fatigues and she was in shorts. It didnt look like a wedding. Then there were photos of them both with an older gentleman. I asked Jason what the pictures were of. He told me a Free Mason ceremony. I knew that was a lie. Then came the picture of their marriage certificate. He had married a woman named Betsy three years ago in Alabama. I felt sick and all the air seemed to leave the room.; I picked up phone and dialed the last number that had called. It was Melissa. It was her children I had met. They had been married eleven years. They had never been divorced, but had been separated recently because of his cheating. They had met online while he was still married to his first wife. His first wife was pregnant with their second son when he left her for Melissa. At least he did divorce his first wife.; I eventually discovered he had married Betsy, went to Iraq, kept an ongoing affair with a woman in CA who was pregnant, was engaged to and sleeping with a fellow soldier in Iraq, and was married to Melissa as well. He came home, but never told Betsy. She thought he was still in Iraq. He told her the phones sucked there, so she sent him a phone. He used that to call her and pretend that he was in Iraq. He and Melissa argued over his wandering dick. He moved in with Betsy. (Yes, he FAKED coming home from Iraq.) They lived together awhile until he went back to Melissa, but told Betsy he was at the police academy.; Betsy grew suspicious and discovered he was married when his father died. He didnt take her to the funeral and Melissa was listed as his wife in the obituary. She tried to tell Melissa, but Melissa thought she was crazy. She figured he had been sleeping with her, but married? No way.; Jason needed to keep Betsy quiet because he had been accepted into the police academy. He told her that he was divorcing Melissa but that she would try to keep his daughters from him. He said that he loved her so much he couldnt wait to marry her. She forgives him and waits for him.; Meanwhile, Melissa has had enough. He moves in with his mom, goes to the academy, sleeps with the soldier girl that hes engaged to when shes in town and joins online dating sites, where he meets me. Wedding bells were ringingÉagain. So he dates me, pretends to work on his marriage with Melissa and tells Betsy his divorce will be final soon and that hes taking her to Las Vegas to renew their vows.; The man I loved was a con artist, a bigamist and a liar. He didnt want a wedding near home because he was already married there. He didnt use his credit cards; his wife got the bill. No meeting the familyÐthey knew he was married. The children thought I was the wife of a fellow officer there to help him. I couldnt even fathom the amount of lies he had told to stay married to two women for three years, have multiple fiancŽs and also marry a third woman.; He claimed PTSD in order to not go to jail, in spite of the fact that he married Betsy in boot camp. He was forced to resign from the police department. He made the evening news for bigamy and forging military documents. Here is the link: http://www.newschannel5.com/story/10966417/mid-state-officer-off-job-accused-of-bigamy; Betsy got an annulment. His wife Melissa filed for an Order of Protection and for a divorce. He would later say it was all lies and HE was the victim. I know now that every word of that petition was true.; I was in shock. My heart had been shattered and the world felt upside down. I realized I was pregnant a few weeks after Vegas. The baby we had been trying to make was growing inside me. I was frightened and still in love with the man I had met in the coffee shop. Oh, how I missed him. I didnt know this person he had suddenly become. My heart could not accept this new reality. It was bleeding and wounded when he sent this.; Im still up at nightn Its morning and Im staring at a different bedn This is the time when I would get home and kiss your headn And everything would be okn Wed start another dayn Now my fingers shaken I cant see the words Im typingn My eyes are hurricanesn And the storm has soaked the entire bedn You used to put your arms around me I could sleep againn And now were just like enemiesn My mistakes cut my throat and you wont believe in men But all I ever did was try to love you welln A failure again, a familiar selln The salesmen that says everything will be allright; Every single breath we tookn Replays inside my mindn Ive been shown my own worst demonsn Now my life is minen Ive been sick, baby wont you understandn That half the time, I wasnt even half a mann That Ive been fighting back so much for so longn PleaseÉ.Im halfway to whole againn And walking thereÉn So come alongn I love youlÉ.n It seems to little, it seems too farn There wasnt any argument on a cable carn I love you babyÉcome to meÉI can stll take your dreams so very farÉn I loe you baby pleaseÉtake me backÉplease; I believed all his lies and took him back. He said he wanted to tell me the truth, but he was ashamed and afraid. (I knew later that he has no shame and the only thing he fears is not having internet.) I admit that my broken heart looked for any hope. He told me Id be a stay at home mother, that wed be married as soon as possible and that hed use his GI bill to pay for me to finish college. He said hed get a VA loan and wed buy a home where we could raise our child.; Right after Christmas he was scheduled to go back to Iraq. I drove down to Camp Shelby to see him off. I thought we could pick out things for our baby together. He wasnt interested in that. Instead, he asked me to buy him a new laptop to take to Iraq so we could use Facebook and Skype. His new laptop cost me almost nine hundred dollars, but I bought it. I still kick myself for that stupid shit.; I developed HELLP and ICP. Being pregnant was literally killing me. I was hemorrhaging and my organs were starting to fail. My son was delivered via emergency C-section at 33 weeks. Jason arrived from Iraq the next day.; My sons birth was the first time I noticed his inability to share attention. His newborn son was getting more attention than him. This was more than he could bear. He made scenes, hurled stupid accusations and ruined my baby shower. My sister who had taken care of me, cleaned my house, put together the baby furniture and rearranged everything to accommodate the babys things was accused of being a thief. What did he say she stole? His toothbrush.; Jasons teeth are so yellow that they look orange. He never smiles enough to show his teeth. They look like they were carved from tan plaster by a drunk. I think he brushed them once a week. He said he used an old toothbrush of mine. I had a hard time keeping a straight face because I had used that toothbrush to scrub dog shit out off my shoe the day before I went into the hospital. All I said was, ÒProblem solved.Ó; He ranted on Facebook about how my sister was a criminal for cleaning and rearranging our home. She was embarrassed and so was I. His concern should have been for his four pound son in the NICU and maybe a wee bit of concern for me because I had almost died giving birth. Asshole.; Jason went back to Iraq and I cared for our tiny son. I had never loved anyone more in my life. Jason would call most days or we would Skype. My son kept me busy. Jason would throw fits if I went out with family or friends. He would say I didnt care about him to be home when he called. It was a load of shit, but I stayed home in case he called. I had a cell phone, but he liked me to be alone always. On the 4th of July I went to my sisters house for a cook out. He had a cow! I was the DEVIL for doing that. He hated not being the center of my attention.; He came back from Iraq and I was so excited. He was acting cold, but I brushed it off. We made love while our son napped. That night he took an hour buying cigarettes and beer. The store was three minutes away. The next day he left me and his son in a restaurant for an hour for a fifteen minute trip to get the diaper bag. HmmmÉ; The next day his phone was ringing. I thought it had to be his mom, so I checked the messages. Instead it was a woman telling him he needed to return her calls and asking him if he was leaving me or not. I felt pain tear through my body. I tried to play it back, but he ripped the phone from my hands. I asked who she was and he told me no one important. Yeah, right.; We argued. This was the first time he put his hands on me. He wanted ÒhisÓ money out my account. I told him to ask his other girlfriends for money. He pulled me down the hall by my arm and hair. I screamed, broke free and ran for my phone. I was dialing the police when he begged me not to; hed never see his daughters. I relented. I am a dumbass for doing that. He walked out on us.; I was devastated. I had given everything I had to this man. My heart, my soul, my body and everything that made me a whole person. He had thrown me and our son away as if we were trash. I did something I rarely doÐI drank. I gave my sister my son for the night and drank at least four strong drinks. One is enough to get me tipsy, so at four I was wasted.; It wasnt my finest hour. I emailed him and threatened to send some very embarrassing film footage of him to EVERYONE including his mother. Its not just him playing with his dickÐhell, hes sent that to most of the women that play Vampire Wars or Second Life. I wont go into detail because some of you may have eaten, but I will say I never wore that thong again.; Later he would dress his Vampire Wars avatar in tiny undies and a combat helmet. Seeing that gave me flashbacks. To this day he will still post men in effeminate clothes with flamboyant hair and make-up. You wont see it on his Jason Kenney FB profile-his mom sees that one. Its covered in manly military shit. Alexis Machina (Alexis is a chick name), his Second Life profile has those sorts of things. His girlfriends think hes making a joke. Hes not. He wanted to borrow my dresses, lipstick, underwear and my dildo. That went into the trash.; One of his wives tried to warn me. I thought she was being spiteful, but she was telling the truth. This is one of the emails she sent me:; ÒI WAS unhappy, but he blamed me for every little dilemma in our lives, it was always my fault, Ammies, work, you name it, he never took responsibility. soon, me and the girls would just cower from his anger and leave him alone. He makes me out to be unsupportive of him, I busted my ass this entire relationship. In his twisted mind he thought his own failure gave him entitlement to screw around. oh and the porn he was looking at? was transvestite porn, gay porn, Jason wasnt into just guy/girl stuff, no way. He would jerk off in front of our computer and leave his cum stains in the carpet and on the keyboard/printer. and that all started right after we got married, not when he came home from Iraq, I never withheld sex from him, he was having sex with other girls, coming home and waking me up to have sex with him, I would stay far far away.Ó; He had me charged with harassment. Once again, he said he was the victim and I was the one cheating. I was horribly embarrassed even though the worst thing I had done was drunk dial. I had to turn myself in and then he bailed me out. I realized I would have to kiss his ass until the court date. I figured I could make it through until then.; We went to his moms house and I had gone upstairs to put my son to sleep. On the printer I saw emails printed out. They had my email address, but parts of the messages were missing. I realized he had might have been creating emails from real ones. He had done the same thing when he forged military documents. I felt that sick fear creeping in.; His phone was ringing and I tried to answer it, but he jerked it from my hand and smashed it. He is such a drama queen. I knew the other woman was the one calling.; I wanted to know who she was. Jason did EVERYTHING to hide her, but I found her. Her name was Jennie. They met playing Vampire Wars. She sent me copies of everything. All the poems, all the letters, their messenger conversations and told me about all the cards he sent her. He had talked about me like I was a dog. He told this woman some of my most painful memories of childhood. He called me a whore. The things he said about me tore a hole in my heart.; While reading all of their emails I noticed that he re-used poems. She and I had the same poems. Hed write a poem and then give it to whichever woman he was seducing at the time. I noticed too that he made all his poems seem deep by adding an ellipsis at the end of a line. Ill demonstrate:; Fallingn Dark, cold and emptyÉn Desolate, hungryn Until your mashed potatoesÉn Came and filled men Your eyesÉbrownn Like gravyn I love gravy É; I realized that it was like the movie Weddings Crashers where they make the plan on to seduce the woman. Jasons game plan is to impress women with his bravery and poems, then guess whos the broken man?; The court date came and he told the prosecutor that he didnt wish to press the matter. The judge nullified the case, but warned me that if anything happened before a year was up that she would see that the case was re-opened. She had just sentenced me to a year of hell. Jason would make sure something happened if I crossed him. I had to keep out of trouble at all costs. My degree is in social work. Who would hire a social worker with a record? How would I support my son? I knew I had to get through the year at all costs.; A week later I got a positive pregnancy test. Jason got a job as a property manager for a wealthy woman. The pay was good, but most of it was going to his child support. His truck broke down and he took my car. He told me he would have to stay in her mansion while she was out of town. He would be gone for days at a time. He would drop groceries off and leave. Sometimes he would let me have my car to get to doctors appointments or watch our son while I worked, but he would leave as soon as I got home after yelling at me for being late.; After a few months of this his boss gave him a Jeep. I am not stupid; I could guess why she did that. I had a car again, but my freedom didnt last long. I was put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. I ended up having another emergency C-Section. Jason was there for the birth of our daughter, but quickly left saying he had to take care of our son.; He came to the hospital each day, but never stayed longer than twenty minutes. He barely glanced at his new daughter. I would beg him to stay, but he said he was busy cleaning the apartment for our daughter to come home. I noticed strawberry jam in my sons hair the first day. I was in the hospital a week and the same jam stayed in his hair the entire week. He wasnt bathing our son.; Jason left for drill the day before I was released. He said he was sorry; he didnt have time to pick up before he left. I thought he meant a couple of dishes. I came home and the apartment was filthy. There was rotting food in the sink, on tables, and on the floor. Dirty diapers were left everywhere. I started crying. How could he let my son live in this? There were maggots in the sink! He is trash.; His Jeep broke down as soon as he got back from drill if thats where he was. He took my car and left me there with the babies to care for. Even if I was sick and needed to go to a hospital he wouldnt help me. Occasionally I would leave, like when he nearly broke my fingers for looking at his computer. I would always go back though. Hed have me back before that judge for nothing more than to prove to some woman he hated me. Even if I could prove my innocence, the attorney fees were out of my reach.; He used Vampire Wars to meet lonely women. I played at first to try to give us something to do together. He made a little group called 19 (from a Stephen King series) and systematically used most of the members for free webcam/cyber sex, many at the same time. Some of them he would meet at his work to have sex.n What I didnt understand were the women. Jason had let himself go completely. He had become an internet troll. Hed put on about thirty pounds and failed his PT test. He was balding, his teeth were nasty and he STUNK. He rarely bathed and his feet were rancid. I mean his feet stink even when he took regular showers, but nowÉ I slept on the sofa if he came home. Sleeping with him was like sleeping with dead animals beneath the sheets. He has a stomach problem and farts constantly. These women were stepping on the backs of infants to have sex with a pudgy, balding, and flatulent bigamist whose shoes have the scent of death clinging to them. I mean paying their own airfare or driving hours to give an internet troll some pussy.; Sometimes Id bust him to all the girls and watch him scramble. I would literally lay in my bed crying with laughter while I watched him lie as fast as he could. It was the only fun I had. I even made a vampire named ÒSwampfootÓ in honor of his disgusting feet that wreaked havoc among his webcam girls. Hed play the victim and find new women faster than you can say ÒPixel Pussy ArmyÓ no matter what anyway.; Most of the women knew I had two babies at home and that he was engaged to me, but they DIDNT CARE. I would have put them on Ó Shes A Homewrecker,Ó but there were too many to list! His Facebook wall would have hearts and music left by his girlfriends. One was so blatant shed leave remarks like ÒStripping off my clothes on your wallÐdont trip on my panties!Ó She even Skyped me to ask about him.; Some stayed off the radar until he dumped them. Theyd make it public then. It didnt bother him; it embarrassed me. He made FB accounts so he could be ÒIn a RelationshipÓ with multiple women. They thought he was hiding them from me, but he was really hiding them from each other.; One was an admin for a Vampire Wars group I was in. Jason called her his ÒsisterÓ. She used to enjoy inviting his girlfriends to join the group. She even went so far as to make them admins of the group as well. She must have laughed her ass off at my embarrassment.; She watched Jason go from woman to woman behind my back, knew about my two babies and knew he was a bigamist. She knew he was abusive. She enjoyed it. She is doing the same thing to his current girlfriend, only I doubt Jason lets her have the fun she did with me. I used to wonder what was wrong with her. I think that she is like those women who wrote Ted Bundy love letters before his execution. They laugh about him being a sociopath. LAUGH. I always said Jason sought side pieces of ass to have a woman on his own level. Mission accomplished.; A friend of hers tried to save her from Jason. I didnt have the heart to explain what she really was, no matter what face she wore for others.; Later Jason dumped her and immediately started a relationship with her sister. Yep, he was fucking his sister. They even had a Second Life wedding. They dressed up their digital Barbies and invited their Barbie friends. Jason keeps her on his real Facebook under the name Ceri Knight. He has other girlfriends as well and I think she secretly minds, but shes in his ÒusedÓ pile. He may find her useful, but thats it. Its kind of like a cat who plays with the corpse of a mouse hes killed.; If I said anything hed block me. He said I embarrassed him. He would play the victim and say everything was my fault. He told people I was a crazy stalker- -exactly what he told me about all of his wives. His excuses stay the same. He plays the victim part so well that he carries around his own chalk. One of the girls sent me this letter which explained a great deal:; ÒAnd I will say this and take it as you will as I mean no offense at all. Jason told everyone yall werent even together. Said yall split and you were crazy and stalking him. He posted stuff like that in groups. He always played the victim. I aint taking up for anyone but the girls didnt know and he manipulated many of them and made them believe things that werent true. I know of quite a few that he did this to and I wont say names but he hurt them just like he hurt you. And yours is on a much more extreme level. As I said I mean no offense and I dont know the details on what youre talking about but I do know he is a bad person. You are not. And the other girls werent. But he made everyone believe you were bad and a crazy ex. I know youre not crazy or a bad person just from our conversations. Thats all I will say of the matter. Again I mean no offense so plz dont take it that way.Ó

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