Commentary about Jay (Ozell) Wright, Stone Mountain, GA – Georgia posted to From : knycity posted on 2015-09-05 I met Jay Wright in November 2014 through the dating site Plenty of Fish. We became exclusive in December and dated until July 2015. I saw mail in his home that was addressed to a woman; he stated that it was his sister’s mail. He was also watching his 6-month old nephew that day, but the child looked so much like him. I looked for the sister’s name on Facebook and learned that they were actually living together and the child was his. I have never seen pictures of her in the home; there is no evidence of her in the home. I contacted her via facebook and she sent me pictures to prove that they are in a relationship, that the child was his, and that she actually lives in the home. I have more pictures of us together and him and his girlfriend together. I have more text messages of this as well. He is still on POF as well. I screened his profile indicating he was online at the time of the screen shot. He also has 3 small children ranging from 4-7 from 2 other relationships. I also learned that he has a criminal record, one of which involves him being a registered sex offender for aggravated sexual assault. Pages: 1.

Note: Some of the commentary about Jay (Ozell) Wright, Stone Mountain, GA – Georgia is a collection of user forum submissions from the previous cheaters registry site.  As such, some format may be off, but the dates when the comments were made about Jay (Ozell) Wright, Stone Mountain, GA – Georgia by the users were preserved.


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